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Using PReset Software to Configure / Calibrate Signal Conditioners

  • PReset software makes programming signal conditioning devices easy
  • Software programs for device configuration are part of the complete and flexible solutions from PR electronics.
  • Configuration of the PC programmable transmitters is executed via PReset.

For users who prefer PCs, certain signal conditioners are PC-programmable and can be easily and flexibly configured with our PReset software. With this Windows-based program, it’s possible to configure, calibrate, and detect device sensor errors from the convenience of your PC.

PReset is a Windows-based program for the configuration of programmable devices in the 5000, 5300, 5500 and 6300 series for temperature measurement, level measurement, isolation, etc. Aside from configuration, the PReset software gives access to process calibration, sensor error detection, and more.

Using PReset Software to Save and Upload Configurations to Signal Conditioners

When used in combination with the PR 4500 series of detachable displays and the PR 4590, PReset software can also be used to save configurations from the following devices to the PC. Users can then download these configurations to subsequent devices of the same type: 


Additionally, PR electronics offers a programming kit for communication between a PC and the device:

  • Loop Link 5909 is a communications interface for configuration and monitoring of PR electronics PC-programmable devices using our PReset software and is used for all Windows-programmable devices. The unit is delivered with a USB connection to the PC.
  • ConfigMate 4590 can operate as a docking station for the PR 4500 – allowing the PR 4500 to be connected to a PC and the PR PReset software.
  • You can download drivers for USB HART modem 277 here:

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