The Role Of Flow Control In Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen has become a hot topic recently. Besides application in the traditional industry, we see more and more applications in the sustainable energy sector. Flow meters play an important role in Hydrogen Production, as reliable and precise flow measurements are essential to the process. For many years now, we have been supplying flow meters to HyGear in Arnhem (NL), which they use in their steam reforming units. Bronkhorst spoke with Ellart de Wit, CTO of HyGear, to find out more about this interesting market, the steam methane reforming units they develop, and the role that our flow meters play in

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Humidification of Fuel Cells

Inside the engine of your car, gasoline reacts directly with oxygen from the air to cause combustion which enables your car to drive. This is the conventional way. Chemical energy is converted into useful mechanical energy. An alternative for this is combustion in an indirect way: a more clean and promising manner using a fuel cell. Oxygen and fuel, such as hydrogen, are fed to each side of the fuel cell, to electromagnetically react inside the cell forming water. As a result, electrons flow through an external circuit powering an electric motor. The chemical energy from the fuel is converted

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