Pressure And Temperature Compensation To Optimize Flow Control

April 18, 2021By BronkhorstApplications

Various external factors can have influence on the measurement accuracy and control stability of mass flow controllers. But what are the most common challenges in pressure and temperature control? And how can you fix these?Real-time pressure- and temperature compensation can be the answer. As a Gas Flow Technology Manager at Bronkhorst, I know that efficiency … Read More

Bi-Directional Pressure Transducers For Vapor Recovery

April 11, 2021By Daniel PregrassoApplications

Core Sensors offers a variety of high quality bi-directional pressure transducers for use in low pressure vapor recovery operations. Unlike a unidirectional pressure transducer that can measure pressures from zero to a defined positive pressure (i.e. 0 to 70mBar), bi-directional pressure transducers measure both positive and negative pressure (i.e. -70mBar to +70mBar). Bi-directional pressure transducers … Read More

How Mass Flow Controller Can Support The Pharmaceutical Industry

March 29, 2021By BronkhorstApplications, Industries

Bronkhorst recently had a customer who needed support with the exact dosing of pharmaceutical excipients. This customer was planning a continuous Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Batch process manufacturing Traditionally, most human pharmaceuticals are manufactured in a step by step batch process with extensive tests between steps to ensure consistent quality and efficacy of the finished medicine. … Read More

The Role Of Flow Control In Hydrogen Production

March 4, 2021By BronkhorstApplications

Hydrogen has become a hot topic recently. Besides application in the traditional industry, we see more and more applications in the sustainable energy sector. Flow meters play an important role in Hydrogen Production, as reliable and precise flow measurements are essential to the process. For many years now, we have been supplying flow meters to … Read More

Mobile Calibration Setup For Flow Meters

February 25, 2021By BronkhorstApplications

How do you know for sure that the gas flow that you measure or set is right? The answer is quite simple: make sure that the flow instrument you are using to measure the gas flow gives the real value. Therefore, calibration (and adjusting) of the flow meter, at times, is necessary. What Is Calibration? … Read More

The Importance of Industrial Automation

February 4, 2021By Daniel PregrassoApplications

Why Industrial Automation Is Needed The idea of automation has a history of making workers anxious. This is because when some people hear “automation” they think “layoffs”, but the truth is that industrial automation can make their jobs easier and increases productivity. The addition of automation to an existing manufacturing workforce increases 2% on average … Read More

Humidification of Fuel Cells

January 20, 2021By BronkhorstApplications, Industries

Inside the engine of your car, gasoline reacts directly with oxygen from the air to cause combustion which enables your car to drive. This is the conventional way. Chemical energy is converted into useful mechanical energy. An alternative for this is combustion in an indirect way: a more clean and promising manner using a fuel … Read More

Ultrasonic Flow Meters: Top 3 Applications

January 19, 2021By BronkhorstApplications, Industries

A few years ago, Bronkhorst expanded its portfolio of liquid flow meters and controllers with a range of ultrasonic flow meters. This Blog looks at the Bronkhorst ES-FLOW Ultrasonic Flow Meter which is used for measuring and dosing small quantities of fluids Nowadays, the ES-FLOW flow meter is used in many different industries. Our main … Read More

10 Tips For Mass Flow Meter & Controller Installation

January 7, 2021By BronkhorstApplications

When you install a mass flow meter or mass flow controller it is important that you get the best performance from the moment of installation. Selecting the right flow meter and properly installing it is essential for crucial data collection. This article will help you know what to consider when installing a Mass flow Instrument. … Read More

Understand Pressure Transducer Temperature Specifications

December 17, 2020By Daniel PregrassoApplications

A common concern when selecting a pressure transducer is the performance in various temperature conditions. Temperature is an important specification, as it has a direct effect on the accuracy of the transducer. Significant errors in the pressure readings or complete failure of the transducer are possible if installed in an environment that is outside the … Read More