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low flow valve and regulators for process control

Low Flow Valve

LowFlow control valves and regulators are often used in OEM, laboratory, or pilot plant applications. Our low flow valve options are highly configurable to meet varying flow requirements for a wide range of applications.

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KELLER submersible level transmitters offer high accuracy down to 900 feet with built in lifetime lightning protection and standard three day shipping. Best of all, there’s no minimum order quantity.

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Core Sensors

Core Sensors offers sensors for automation measurement including industrial pressure transducers, high temperature pressure sensors, differential pressure transducers, and more for hydrogen, oil and energy, and other fluid and gas process and manufacturing applications.

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Wastewater Treatment

Instrumentation for Wastewater Applications Roughly seventy-one percent of the Earth is covered in water, making it one of the most important resources we have to manage. From flow meters and leak detection, to level measurement and lightning protection, our affordable instrumentation can help decrease your operation costs. View Products Buy Now Instrumentation for Wastewater Treatment Reverse Osmosis Process Control Reverse osmosis systems are used to remove large particles from drinking water. Signal Conditioning for RO

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