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Protect your intrinsically safe measuring circuits and bus systems with a DEHNpipe surge protection device. With over a dozen style to choose from including flame and explosion proof configurations, the DEHNpipe surge arrester is sure to fit your process needs.

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low flow valve and regulators for process control

Low Flow Valve

LowFlow control valves and regulators are often used in OEM, laboratory, or pilot plant applications. Our low flow valve options are highly configurable to meet varying flow requirements for a wide range of applications.

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frequency converter from process solutions corp

Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter to Protect Vibrating, Rotating Machinery, Monitor Critical Speed, Over Speed, Under Speed, Control Process Temperature, Pressure, Flow

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KELLER submersible level transmitters offer high accuracy down to 900 feet with built in lifetime lightning protection and standard three day shipping. Best of all, there’s no minimum order quantity.

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Heat Exchanger Differentials

A Heat Exchanger plays an important role in many industrial processes from chemical plants to water treatment. Their role allows operation processes to run effectively

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