The Process Solutions Process

At Process Solutions Corp., we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time.  And, just like you know your process, we know our vendors.  And they have requirements before an order can be placed.  Their goal, like ours, like yours, is to get your process running properly in the quickest time possible.  So we require data that will help us calibrate, that will help us get the right flow-meter or controller or pressure sensor in your hands.

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Five Things We Learned From Our Summer Interns

Every year, we bring in local college students to study and learn more about the exciting world of process automation. But what may be even more important are these five things we learned from our interns this summer.

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Logic Control System

Groundwater Remediation Systems

Groundwater Remediation Water remediation is the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring materials where the water damage has occurred. Water damage that is not treated can become hazardous. Mold growth, bacteria, and viruses can occur. Groundwater is water that sits below the ground and saturates the pore space in the subsurface. Around 40% of the world’s drinking water is drawn from groundwater in boreholes and dug wells. This groundwater provides farmers with the water needed to irrigate their crops. Companies use it to manufacture their products. Groundwater contamination can occur from spills during industrial operations, leaking from landfills, and applications

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We Are Now ISNetworld Certified!

Process Solutions is proud to announce that we are now ISNetworld certified! What does this mean? ISNetworld helps Hiring Clients connect with safe, reliable, and sustainable contractors and suppliers around the globe. Ensuring proper conformance and maintaining up-to-date information is essential to the success of these organizations. ISNetworld gives hiring clients access to contractors and suppliers that fit the required standards. We believe this will help us become even more efficient in offering our solutions and powering productivity.

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Intrinsically Safe Industrial Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Now Offering Hazardous Location Pressure Transducers

Hazardous Location Pressure Transducers Hazardous location pressure transducers are used in areas that require third party certifications to ensure that the sensor can operate safely. Core Sensors offers non-incendive and intrinsically safe pressure transducers certified by CSA. ANSI/UL 122701 Single Seal is available on select sensors for Canadian installations. These pressure transducers are ideal for applications including tank level (both submersible and external), oilfield installations, process plants and CNG stations. Various materials, fittings, and output signals are available with competitive lead times and prices. Contact us today for more information!

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We are now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Process Solutions is proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001:2015 certified!  Click here to download our certificate. To continually ensure that we achieve our customer service goals, we have re-certified and been awarded our ISO 9001:2015 certificate. To retain certification, we are audited annually by a third-party certification company.  This keeps our ISO certification status up-to-date, so we can keep meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. What does this mean? “ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system…”  To meet these criteria, Process Solutions strives to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  This means we

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NewTek Sensors – LVDT Position Sensors

Process Solutions is pleased to announce our partnership with NewTek Sensor Solutions, a U.S. manufacturer of position sensors.  NewTek’s pricing is competitive, and their lead times are fantastic!  Their team of engineers have decades of experience, which gives them the capability to bring you custom solutions. Most of your LVDT needs can be met by products from NewTek Sensor Solutions.  With applications ranging from Oil & Gas to Water & Wastewater, Power Generation to Subsea & Marine, NewTek’s standard, custom, and harsh-environment LVDT-based linear position sensors provide you with the ability to monitor tiny changes. High pressure AC LVDTs (20,000

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lift station

The PSC Lift Station Monitor

Introducing: The Process Solutions Lift Station Meter.  Gathering the experience of our engineers and technicians, we saw a need to track the health of pumps at lift stations.  The goals: Reduce costs Schedule maintenance Extend serviceable life of pumps Monitoring the pump cycles reveals a great deal about the current state of the lift station.  Is the influent clogged?  The pump will not need to come on.  Is the effluent clogged?  The pump will not shut off.  Is there another issue with the station?  Many times, the pump alone can help identify what’s going on.  But the Process Solutions Lift

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