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Surge Protection Systems

Surge Protection and an underestimated risk This system consists of external lightning protection and internal surge protection. This The purpose of an external lightning protection system Use of an air-termination system to intercept direct lightning strikes Down-conductor system used to safely discharge a lightning current Earth-termination system distributes the lightning current in the ground Elements of surge protection systems Separation distances Earth-termination system Down conductor Lightning equipotential bonding (interconnecting all isolated conducting parts of the installation by means of surge protective devices) Air-termination systems Red/line power supply systems DEHN’s Red/Line® provides surge protective devices for installation into switchgear installations, meter

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Chemical Delivery

How To Improve Your Gas Chromatography Analysis

What is Gas Chromatography? Gas Chromatography is a commonly used type of Chromatography in analytical chemistry. This is a very effective practice when you need to separate substances of analytical interest. Gas Chromatography uses chromatographic techniques when applying a gas as the mobile phase and a solid or liquid as stationary phases. The principle of Gas Chromatography involves a controlled carrier gas stream that passes through an injector, column, and detector. Then a sample gas is injected for a short period of time, creating a gas sample plug. This is then separated into different gas components across the column. They

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Precise Liquefied Gas Dosing

Our customers have many applications with chemical reactions that are conducted at high pressures. These applications frequently require precise gas dosing. You can replace organic solvents with more effective alternatives, like liquefied gases. What is Liquefied Gas? It is a gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature turned into a liquid by cooling or compression. An example of this is liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) which is an excellent extraction solvent for non-polar chemical compounds. There are obstacles when using liquefied gas, such as difficulty in handling these liquid/gas substances and lack of dosing precision. Bronkhorst has taken note of these

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Flow Meter

New Field Bus Options

Digital (Fieldbus) Technology About digital “multibus” mass flow & pressure meters and controllers Bronkhorst is pleased to announce the introduction of two new interface options that can be integrated into their instruments. With a total of 9 selectable Fieldbus options, Bronkhorst offers the most versatile range of digital flow and pressure meters and controllers available on the market. Fieldbus Options All Bronkhorst flow and pressure meters/controllers are designed with a digital pc-board, featuring self-diagnostics, alarm and counter functions, digital communication, and remotely adjustable control settings. Bronkhorst offers exceptional flexibility because of its “Multibus” concept the instruments can be equipped with

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Ultraviolet Linear LED Light for Sterilization

Our health is the most important thing to us! Right?… The quality of the air we breathe, and the cleanliness of the surfaces we touch have a profound impact on our health. We are surrounded daily by the risk of contracting and spreading viruses/bacteria. We have been made more aware of this recently with the present state of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is vital that we keep our workspaces such as instruments, electronic shops, laboratories, and high traffic areas sanitized and safe. Today, we will be discussing a highly effective method to accomplish this common goal using Horner Automation’s Ultra-Violet

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Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization Model

A Low Temperature, Safe, and Effective Way to Sterilize Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment

Steam is by far the most common method of medical sterilization used in the U.S today. High temperatures produced by steam are not compatible with all materials and it has other disadvantages. The most prominent low temperature sterilization method currently used is ethylene oxide. EO is a relatively dangerous and toxic material. Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide: H2O2 has many advantages including low toxicity, low temperature, and relatively good material compatibility. There are several methods in use today this article discusses HPV or hydrogen peroxide vaporization. Using A Controlled Evaporation Mixer To Deliver The Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide A Controlled Evaporative Mixer or

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Gas Mixing Chambers for Homogeneous Gas Mixtures
Gas Mixing

Gas Mixing Chambers for Homogeneous Gas Mixtures

Gas Mixing Today we want to discuss Gas Mixing. This has become a popular application for our clients. Bronkhorst is a market leader in Thermal Mass Flow Meters/Controllers and Electronic Pressure Controllers. Bronkhorst has vast experience in designing precise measurement and control devices. Our partnership with Bronkhorst is able to offer innovative solutions for many different applications for many different markets Homogenous Gas Mixtures We have noticed an increasing demand for special gas mixtures. Our Bronkhorst products are ideal for such applications. The process of gas mixing is more than just taking two different gas flows. There are many factors

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Controlled Evaporator Mixer

What is a Controlled Evaporation Mixer (CEM)?

Liquid Delivery System with a Controlled Evaporation Mixer We have many customers that have applications where two components must be mixed. Traditionally, bubbler systems or Vapor Source Controllers have been used when dealing with vapor. These devices have their shortcomings, for example they have been proven to not be able to handle large quantities of liquid with a low vapor pressure. Furthermore, they can’t provide vapor from a mixture of liquids with different vapor pressures. Our partners at Bronkhorst have worked hard to develop a system that has Mass Flow Control of Vapors. This system is our Controlled Evaporation Mixer

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Benefits Of Using A Controlled Evaporation vs. a Bubbler

Controlled Evaporation vs Bubbler Systems Vapors are normally created using a bubbler system. There are many household items that can be used to create a bubbler systems, but an advanced bubbler will cost thousands of dollars. Bubbler Systems still have their advantages when vaporizing very corrosive fluids. These systems can be used with corrosion resistant tubing from the liquid source to the customer process. While it has this advantage, it also has a list of disadvantages compared to the Controlled Evaporation Mixer. What is a Controlled Evaporation  Mixer System? The CEM System designed by Bronkhorst is a Liquid delivery system

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Dye Dosing System

Best Dye Dosing Systems

Using Bronkhorst For Dye Dosing Our Bronkhorst products serve many different industries and have a wide variety of applications. One of our most popular applications is dosing. Customers use their Bronkhorst meters and controllers to have more precise dye dosing systems. Bronkhorst has designed a precise, compact Mass Flow Meter and Controller, based on the Coriolis measuring principle. This product has been designed to fit the needs of the low flow market. There are many models that have flow ranges from 0.1 g/h up to 300 kg/h. Each model offers multi-range functionality. Mini Cori Features: Lowest flow rates available on

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