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Supercritical Fluid Measurement and Control

Fluids like carbon dioxide (CO2) are difficult to measure when they move towards the interphase stage – between being a liquid and a gas. For example, the supercritical point of CO2 is reached at 73.8 bara and 31.1˚C. Beyond these conditions, physical properties like density (ρ) and heat capacity (Cp) change very rapidly and is the result of pressure or temperature variations. So this makes an accurate mass flow measurement, based on the thermal principle, very difficult. However, there are other great options for performing supercritical fluid measurement.

Best Flow Meter for Superior Supercritical Fluid Measurement

Because of its true mass flow measurement, which is independent of physical properties, the mini CORI-FLOW mass flow meter offers an ideal solution. The true mass flow of the molecules is measured, regardless of whether the fluid is in gas phase, liquid phase, or somewhere in between. Experiences in the field prove that this principle of measuring is very accurate and reliable. And for refined flow control applications, we can offer a flow meter in combination with a metal sealed, pressure actuated control valve.


The mini CORI-FLOW Series enables an easy exchange of traditional thermal mass flow controllers. In addition to having the same footprint as standard thermal flow meters, the mini CORI-FLOW Series also electrically offers the same options for analog and Fieldbus communication. Compared to thermal mass flow controllers, Coriolis based flow controllers are more accurate and faster. Moreover, Coriolis flow instrumentation offers independence from fluid properties.

Coriolis Flow Meters for Accurate Measurement of Supercritical Fluids


Contrary to many Coriolis flow meters on the market, the mini CORI-FLOW Series offers integrated PID control and close-coupled control valves or pumps. Thus, the mini CORI-FLOW constitutes a very compact, cost and space-saving, and precise flow controllers for low flow liquid and gas regulation.

  • lowest range 0-5 g/h (0-66.6 mln/min N2)
  • highest range 0-300 kg/h (0-3,900 ln/min N2)

The development of the mini CORI-FLOW Series achieved a technological breakthrough in Coriolis mass flow measurements and control. This flow controllers is a compact, cost-effective Coriolis Mass Flow Meter and Controller for accurate measurement and control of (very) low flow rates. The unique design of the miniature Coriolis sensor features unsurpassed performance. This is even with changing operating conditions in pressure, temperature, density, conductivity, and viscosity.

  • direct mass flow measurement, for liquids and gases
  • high accuracy, excellent repeatability
  • cost-effective design
  • compact design, with integrated PID controller for fast and stable control
  • now suitable for (very) low flow ranges
  • digital technology allows Fieldbus communication and offers user configurable control characteristics
  • optional: ATEX approval Cat.3, Zone 2
  • optional: KCs certificate (Protection Ex nA IIC T4)
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