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Process Solutions Corp. is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of instrumentation and automation components; our adept team of engineers also provide full package solutions that allow our users to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability through automation and precise process control.

About Process Solutions

Located in Stafford, Texas, near Houston, Process Solutions Corp. is a manufacturer’s representative and distributor of industrial instrumentation and process control services. We offer reliable instrumentation and develop unique automation and control solutions that increase productivity and profitability, while reducing inefficiency and redundancy, to create an overall positive value and experience for users throughout multiple industries.

Our Team is Your Team

Our team is equipped with electrical engineers on staff to help our customers access the guidance and knowledge required for even the most intricate operations. We can help hands-on through training or troubleshooting and we offer remote trainings, demos, and technical support as well. Additionally, we have field technicians for in-person troubleshooting, start-up assistance, and an ISO certified workshop for repairs, assemblies, calibrations, and other services.

Product Support

From technical and sales advising, to quick order processing, custom engineering and programming, or equipment servicing and calibration, we provide access to the educational tools and quality industrial instrumentation that is needed for users to make informed and confident decisions. We offer live product demonstrations online or in-person and regularly host training sessions to teach our users how to maximize the potential of their industrial instrumentation.


Our full catalog includes instrumentation for flow, pressure, temperature, level, control, and more.
Whether straight from the box or custom built, we have the automation, control, and monitoring products you need.
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From custom design and programming to technical support and live product demonstrations...
We are totally committed to your project, and with our products, we'll help guide your success.
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We have partnered with ECOM to become an authorized service center.
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