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Water and Wastewater Handling
Instrumentation for water and wastewater level, flow, pressure, temperatures, analytical measurement, and more...

Whether the water is still underground or it’s already been used in industrial processing, our engineering team is prepared to put our expertise to the test. Our vast experience and outside perspective allows us to develop unique solutions for automating and improving processes by reducing leaks, offering customizable alarms and shutoffs, operating in ultra low-flow conditions, to name a few. Our solutions are available in most every handling of water such as treatment, sedimentation, and filtration, coagulation, aeration and digestion, storage, desalination, wells and borehole, intake or irrigation, and more.

Roughly seventy-one percent of the Earth is covered in water, making it one of the most important resources we have to manage. Process Solutions Corp. has been developing automation and control instrumentation in this industry for more than two decades, but the need for better control, increasing efficiency and reducing waste, and more accurate analysis has never been more critical.

We have all the equipment you need, from pressure, level, flow, and temperature measurement to system analytical measurement and records, controllers, and more.

Do you know what you need but you’re not sure where to look? You’ve found the right place. Let us know what your goals are and discover the value that Process Solutions Corp. will bring.

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