Emissions Monitoring

As an ECOM Gas Analyzer Calibration authorized service center, we are here to help ensure your environmental and safety compliance. Conveniently located near Houston, we accept drop offs or you can mail in your ECOM analyzer. We keep parts in stock for a quick and reliable calibrations.


ECOM Authorized Service Center

Gas Analyzer Calibration Services

Building on the the ECOM tradition of excellence, we strive to be our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner by developing and offering exceptional products, service and support. We have been authorized by ECOM to be a service center, providing quick and reliable calibrations for emissions analyzers. We keep the required gas, equipment, and spare parts in our workshop to help ensure a quick turnaround so you can maintain compliant and safe operations.

Process Solutions Corp. Makes it
Easy as One, Two, Three

ECOM Gas Analyzer Calibration

1. Submit a Return Material Authorization online (RMA)

We will confirm your RMA and provide shipping instructions

2. Ship to or drop-off your gas analyzer at our workshop in Stafford, Texas

We stock spare parts and testing gas in our workshop to ensure a timely return of your calibrated analyzer

3. Pick-up or receive your calibrated analyzer by mail

We will ship your emission analyzer back or contact you when it’s ready for pick-up

Submit a Return Material Authorization

Fill out the form below to submit a Return Material Authorization (RMA) and we will reply promptly with a quote. Having trouble? Call (281) 491-3833 today for assistance.

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Fully Integrated Stationary / Rack Mounted CEMs

  • Automatic emissions sampling
  • Automatically verify samples with on-hand verification gas
  • Link directly to control system for easy monitoring and data logging
  • Built-in verification gas bottle monitoring
  • Remote monitoring and access

Continuous Monitoring without the Labor

Streamline your operations with our Stationary CEM Solutions. Emissions sampling occurs automatically throughout each shift, saving your team valuable time and labor. With verification gas on-hand, you’ll always have an accurate reading. And with a built-in verification gas pressure monitoring system, Operators won’t need to worry about making rounds and can be automatically alerted when more verification gas needs to be ordered via email, text, and/or alarms.

ECOM Emission Analyzer Rentals


Rent an Emission Analyzer Today

In a pinch? Too much to do and not enough time? We now offer ECOM Emission Analyzers for rentals and leases.

The ultimate design in accurate gas analysis and unsurpassed in the field of premier portable emissions analyzers. If you have a heavy-duty testing schedule, this is the analyzer for you. In addition to holding up to 6 electrochemical sensors, the ecom-J2KNpro Industrial supports an NDIR bench to measure CO2, CO (up to 63,000 ppm), and CH4, which allows measurement of 9 gases in one compact portable analyzer!

Advanced features include stack flow velocity, NDIR bench, fresh air bypass switch, heated sensor block for thermal stability, on-board heated line power connection, dual range CO sensors for high accuracy in rich and lean conditions, and the ability to set up automatic test cycling for unattended operation.

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(Video) Operating Gas Analyzers Remotely

With products like the smart phone app and WiFi functionality for emissions analyzers, ECOM stays on the cutting edge of the industry. Having local authorized service centers makes calibrations and maintaining compliance easy and hassle-free. Contact Process Solutions Corp. today to begin your emissions analyzer calibration or to receive more information about products and services from ECOM.