How to choose the right flow meter

October 22, 2020By Daniel PregrassoFlow, Uncategorized

Choosing the right flow meter is a critical factor in the success of your operation. There are countless flow meters that you can select from. The right flow meter will provide you with pivotal data. But choosing the wrong meter could lead to loss of costly production time. This article will outline important factors to … Read More

Allen Bradley Micrologix and PanelView vs Horner XL7

September 18, 2020By Mark TatamPLC

Example of a Cost Comparison Between Horner and Allen Bradley There are endless applications for small programmable logic controllers, and they typically will result in increased product quality, increased safety, and better process oversight and data. They also almost always result in less operator intervention and workload. This comparison will examine the costs of hardware … Read More

Using a Thermal Level Switch for Interface (Level) Detection

August 13, 2020By Daniel PregrassoLevel

Instrument malfunctions are a common problem across a wide array of industries. For a segment of our clients, the combination of the process media and plant condition tends to cause instrument malfunctions that require maintenance. For a level switch to perform well it must avoid failure that can be caused by: Corrosion and/or “sludging” damage … Read More

Groundwater Remediation Systems

July 29, 2020By Daniel PregrassoPLC

Groundwater Remediation Water remediation is the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring materials where the water damage has occurred. Water damage that is not treated can become hazardous. Mold growth, bacteria, and viruses can occur. Groundwater is water that sits below the ground and saturates the pore space in the subsurface. Around 40% of the … Read More

Coriolis Technology and Why Mass Flow Measurement is Important

July 23, 2020By Daniel PregrassoFlow

In most operations, the measurement of flow is a critical parameter. Knowing the correct fluid is in the correct place is important within an operation. In critical applications conducting accurate flow measurements ensure product quality. Health and safety are an incredibly important factor when working with liquids and gases. Measuring flow and pressure helps to … Read More

Lift Station Measurement With The PiloTREK

June 25, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Lift Stations A wastewater lift station can be a very essential part of wastewater treatment. A lift station is essentially a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. A big benefit of using a lift station is the amount of money saved from not having to dig for sewer … Read More

Surge Protection Systems

June 23, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Surge Protection and an underestimated risk This system consists of external lightning protection and internal surge protection. This The purpose of an external lightning protection system Use of an air-termination system to intercept direct lightning strikes Down-conductor system used to safely discharge a lightning current Earth-termination system distributes the lightning current in the ground Elements … Read More

How To Improve Your Gas Chromatography Analysis

June 18, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

What is Gas Chromatography? Gas Chromatography is a commonly used type of Chromatography in analytical chemistry. This is a very effective practice when you need to separate substances of analytical interest. Gas Chromatography uses chromatographic techniques when applying a gas as the mobile phase and a solid or liquid as stationary phases. The principle of … Read More

Precise Liquefied Gas Dosing

June 15, 2020By Daniel PregrassoLiquid/Gas Dosing

Our customers have many applications with chemical reactions that are conducted at high pressures. These applications frequently require precise gas dosing. You can replace organic solvents with more effective alternatives, like liquified gases. What is Liquefied Gas? It is a gas at atmospheric pressure and room temperature turned into a liquid by cooling or compression. … Read More