(ultra) low flow

Why is the Bronkhorst Coriolis Flow Meter Called ‘Mini’?

One of our eye-catchers in the liquid flow product line portfolio is the Coriolis flow meter. Our Coriolis flow meter series was introduced in 2007 and since then a huge success for both gas and liquid flow measurements in the industry as well as lab applications. At their introduction the Coriolis instruments got the name ‘mini CORI-FLOW’. This name was chosen for two reasons: it was a small flow meter and it measured and controlled low flows, using the Coriolis principle.

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dosing pump

Best Dye Dosing Systems

This Bronkhorst MiniCori Coriolis Flow Meter is used to produce small amounts of concentrated dye for dye dosing in home care products, lubricants, and more.

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What Role Do Flow Meters Play in Processing Sugar Beets

We seem to really love sugary snacks, like candy, soda, cookies, and cake. There is common denominator here, sugar. All these products contain sugar which make them taste delicious. But the question is where does this sugar come from? Plants make sugar through the process of photosynthesis. Of all the plants, sugar beets and sugar cane contain the greatest quantities of sugar; that’s why these two plants are chosen to extract sugar. In this article we want to focus on the process of sugar extraction in sugar beets and how the role that Bronkhorst flow meters have in this process.

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