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Mass Flow Control Redefined: Swift and Stable, Proven and Precise

Discover Now: Bronkhorst FLEXI-FLOW Series Mass Flow Control

A new era of Mass Flow Control

The FLEXI-FLOW is our newest Mass Flow Controller series. With this flexible instrument, you are not only able to measure and control gas flow and measure temperature, but also measure and control the upstream and downstream pressures. This revolutionary controller truly is the future in mass flow control.

The FLEXI-FLOW is based on a truly unique thermal mass flow measurement technique that combines fast and stable chip sensors with reliable and accurate bypass technology. Bronkhorst has created a completely new concept for measuring mass flow using the thermal measuring principle. The unique TCS Technology (Through Chip Sensor) combines the best of two technologies: a fast and stable chip flow sensor applied in Bronkhorst’s proven by-pass construction.

Due to the TCS Technology, accurate mass flow measurement is virtually independent of variations in temperature and line pressure is established. By measuring the actual process conditions (temperature and line pressure), a real-time correction is made to the measured value. And because all gas properties are available on-board, accurate conversion to other gases is possible.

The FLEXI-FLOW is Bronkhorst’s newest Mass Flow Controller Series. With this revolutionary instrument, users can control and measure both mass flow and pressure. But not only this, thanks to the multi-parameter functionality, the FLEXI-FLOW can provide information on the process conditions around the Mass Flow Controller. With only one flexible instrument! This is the future in mass flow control.

Advanced, Compact Mass Flow Controller from Bronkhorst

But will it benefit you unlike other mass flow controllers? Do you…
  • have limited space and need a compact flow instrument?
  • use multiple instruments for measuring flow, temperature, and pressure?
  • work with multiple gases?
  • require swift and stable gas flow control?
  • prefer an easy-to-use instrument with easy monitoring capabilities?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then the FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series is a great flow instrument to choose!


FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series from Bronkhorst offers Mass Flow Control, Upstream and Downstream Process Pressure Control, and Temperature Measurement in one compact instrument.

Extremely Useful Features in One Advanced Mass Flow Controller

  • Swift response to setpoint changes
  • Stable gas flow control
  • Proven bypass technology
  • Precise measurement
  • Flow range of 0.5 mln/min up to 20 ln/min

Top 5 Unique Features of FLEXI-FLOW

  1. Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure
  2. Very compact instrument, saving space & weight
  3. Simple & secure connection through Bluetooth and comprehensive App
  4. Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic flow range
  5. NAMUR status indication keeps you informed about your process

Bronkhorst FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series Thermal Flow Controller, Ideal for:

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