Lift Station Measurement With The PiloTREK

June 25, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Lift Stations A wastewater lift station can be a very essential part of wastewater treatment. A lift station is essentially a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. A big benefit of using a lift station is the amount of money saved from not having to dig for sewer … Read More

Surge Protection Systems

June 23, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Surge Protection and an underestimated risk This system consists of external lightning protection and internal surge protection. This The purpose of an external lightning protection system Use of an air-termination system to intercept direct lightning strikes Down-conductor system used to safely discharge a lightning current Earth-termination system distributes the lightning current in the ground Elements … Read More

How To Improve Your Gas Chromatography Analysis

June 18, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

What is Gas Chromatography? Gas Chromatography is a commonly used type of Chromatography in analytical chemistry. This is a very effective practice when you need to separate substances of analytical interest. Gas Chromatography uses chromatographic techniques when applying a gas as the mobile phase and a solid or liquid as stationary phases. The principle of … Read More

A Low Temperature, Safe, and Effective Way to Sterilize Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment

May 21, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Steam is by far the most common method of medical sterilization used in the U.S today. High temperatures produced by steam are not compatible with all materials and it has other disadvantages. The most prominent low temperature sterilization method currently used is ethylene oxide. EO is a relatively dangerous and toxic material. Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide: … Read More

ABB Pressure Transmitters for any application

December 10, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

The Best Product for your application Temperature and humidity considerations High temperatures can have a detrimental effect, potentially causing premature component failure. When you exceed the deceives parameters it can have a significant effect on its performance.  Low temperatures can cause fill fluids to thicken, while high temperatures can cause them to vaporize. Variations in … Read More

Clarity; Filters for Mass Flow Meters

August 12, 2019By Daniel PregrassoFlow, Uncategorized

One of my favorite phrases is “buy cheap, buy twice”. This is never more apparent than when purchasing new flow meters or looking at ways to protect existing ones if necessary. There are various accessories that you can add-on flow meters. With mass flow meters and controllers, the accessory of choice often is a communication … Read More

As Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city grows the need for sustainable fix for water leakage increases

July 17, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized, Water/Wastewater

ABB digital control and monitoring technologies strengthen Ho Chi Minh City’s aging water distribution system. If the 1.5 million motorbikes that cram the streets of Ho Chi Minh City everyday queued one behind the other, they would still cover less than one tenth of the local water distribution network, which serves more than eight million … Read More