How an ABB Magmeter can Accurately Measure

February 13, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Integrating Flow and Pressure Measurement with an ABB Magmeter Improved network management through real-time data and enhanced network pressure control Measurement Made Easy The pressures of supplying a growing global population mean that the world’s water supplies need to be managed more closely than ever. Estimates from the United Nations point to a 50 percent … Read More

How To Handle Low Liquid Flows.

January 22, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

What are Low Liquid Flows? What do microreactors, catalyst research, and odorant dosing have in common? Well, they all require the handling of low liquid flows. In the world of flow control & measurement, we distinguish between low & high flows. But what do these terms truly mean? Bronkhorst is providing a blog series (this … Read More

The Best Flow Measurement Technology for Water Utilities

January 22, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Accurate bills for true consumption The purpose of a water distribution network is to supply users with adequate pressure under various loading conditions. A municipal water supply system is subjected to a number of different loading conditions, such as: Peak daily demands, varying throughout each day Critical load when pipes leak or burst Fire extinguishing … Read More

Isolated Barriers vs. Zener Barriers

January 20, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Isolated Barriers have several advantages compared to Zener Barries. We wanted to share with you a comparison of the two barriers and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. What are the advantages of Isolated Barriers compared to Zener Barriers? A Zener Barrier is a pass through-device, so it does not isolate the field device … Read More

How a Watermaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter Optimizes Industrial Water Use

January 14, 2020By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Enhancing accountability by using ABB’s WaterMaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter Improving understanding of sitewide water usage in industrial applications through an accurate flow measurement with a Watermaster Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Introduction For companies to identify their water footprint and find ways to improve it requires a detailed understanding of their consumption, including any areas where water may be … Read More

ABB Pressure Transmitters for any application

December 10, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

The Best Product for your application Temperature and humidity considerations High temperatures can have a detrimental effect, potentially causing premature component failure. When you exceed the deceives parameters it can have a significant effect on its performance.  Low temperatures can cause fill fluids to thicken, while high temperatures can cause them to vaporize. Variations in … Read More

Why Mass Flow reference conditions matter

November 12, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

You would think that measurements of mass flow would be expressed in units of mass, such as grams/hour, milligrams/second etc. Most users, however, think and work in units of volume. That’s OK, at least when we are talking about the same reference conditions. Let me start with an example: Mass versus Volume Imagine you have … Read More

Linearization of temperature measurements

November 11, 2019By Daniel PregrassoUncategorized

Temperature is the most widely measured value in process control. Across a wide variety of industries from large-scale chemical manufacturing to small labs, accurate temperature measurement is relied upon to ensure such things as yields, quality, safety and compliance. The most common methods of measuring temperature in an industrial process are by either thermocouple or … Read More