Manufacturing – Refrigeration Control Station

Some of our customers integrate our solutions as components of larger systems they manufacture. We call these types of customers OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). OEMs come in all shapes and sizes such as in the following application – refrigeration control. Read more about how our solutions played a vital role in helping our customer create standard, low-cost (yet high-performing) controls for their products.

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A Premium Addition To a Suite of Built-In I/O Control Solutions

The X10 is the fifth product of the streamlined Micro OCS Series of embedded I/O controllers. All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking and I/O. Utilizing comprehensive, built-in I/O, and high resolution color graphics to empower organizations across a multitude of industries. Comprehensive Advantage With the addition of the X10 OCS controller, our engineers at Horner Automation have designed a slim, versatile, and complimentary product to our existing line of robust industrial solutions. The X10, when utilized as an introductory piece, empowers your organization to grow by seamlessly incorporating additional Horner solutions (such as our more basic

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The Importance of Industrial Automation

Why Industrial Automation Is Needed The idea of automation has a history of making workers anxious. This is because when some people hear “automation” they think “layoffs”, but the truth is that industrial automation can make their jobs easier and increases productivity. The addition of automation to an existing manufacturing workforce increases 2% on average per year. Industrial Automation Tools Industrial Automation uses control systems such as computers, robots, and information technology. An example of this is our Horner OCS controllers which are used to control different types of processes and machinery. These control systems are used to perform tasks

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Ultraviolet Linear LED Light for Sterilization

Our health is the most important thing to us! Right?… The quality of the air we breathe, and the cleanliness of the surfaces we touch have a profound impact on our health. We are surrounded daily by the risk of contracting and spreading viruses/bacteria. We have been made more aware of this recently with the present state of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is vital that we keep our workspaces such as instruments, electronic shops, laboratories, and high traffic areas sanitized and safe. Today, we will be discussing a highly effective method to accomplish this common goal using Horner Automation’s Ultra-Violet

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Why Industrial Automation is Crucial To The Success Of Your Business

Automation has been a hot topic of discussion for a large part of the last couple of decades. It’s a topic that has a way of making workers feel uneasy. When workers hear Automation, they tend to think “Layoffs”, but the truth is that automation makes the workers job easier and increases productivity. Automation leads to higher Productivity Industrial automation uses control systems such as computers or robots and information technology, like Horner’ s OCS controllers, for controlling different types of processes and machinery. These control systems can perform tasks that humans simply cannot on their own. An example of

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5 Keys To Overcoming Traditional PLC Limitations

Traditional PLC configurations struggle to meet automation requirements without adding external, sometimes third-party hardware and software to complete an entire control system. Automation systems are no longer solely about simple ladder logic used to replace relays- modern automation systems are designed for speed of implementation, flexibility, scalability, and connectivity; all while providing detailed user-facing information, in real-time. To meet these requirements, engineers and integrators have become adept at coupling many different products from multiple manufacturers to appear seamless. When multiple software and hardware solutions are combines from different manufacturers or even disparate products from the same manufacturer, the level of

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Large & In Charge: The Horner EXL10 OCS Controller

The EXL10 OCS Controller is powerful, rugged, and the second-largest model (after the new XL+) in our popular XL line of products. With a 10” LCD TFT color graphics display, 5 function keys, 2 RS-232/485 ports, 1MB of application memory, and supported Online Programming Mode, the EXL10 is a premium choice benefitting most industrial applications. You can also perfectly pair the EXL10 with the remote capabilities of WebMI – empowering you to take control of the unit right from your smartphone! Logic engine features 1MB of application memory with a 0.013mS/K logic scan. Online Programming Mode (making logic changes on

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