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The New SmartRail I/O for Automation Control

Horner Automation’s SmartRail expands the I/O Capacity of OCS All-In-One Controllers. Our SmartRail I/O is a modular input / output system for the Horner OCS, offering a choice of fieldbus networks (CsCAN, Ethernet, CANopen, and Profibus). It is a flexible input / output system that can be applied as a local expansion input / output or remote I/O distributed over hundreds of meters. SmartRail gives you the benefit of Fieldbus I/O with much less complex configuration. SmartRail I/O is easily configured using Cscape programming software. Just select your I/O base – and then start adding I/O modules. Cscape even calculates input / output power usage for you automatically – so you’ll never overload an I/O base.


New SmartRail I/O Base – ETX250

Past SmartRail bases included separate ethernet bases for Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP capabilities. The new ETX250 is meant to be a functional drop-in replacement for both units, without the need for any type of firmware or software upgrade. It features a sleek new design that incorporates angled ethernet ports for easier cable management. Also, it has the addition of a removable power plug. So customers can now order a single model for multiple types of ethernet-based applications. The ETX250’s updated electronic components will allow Horner to continue SmartRail support for years to come.

SmartRail I/O expands the input / output capacity of OCS All-in-One controllers. SmartRail uses fieldbus technology and can be installed locally or hundreds of meters away. Highly expandable and scalable with several communication base options, SmartRail modular I/O allows for granular digital and analog input / output configurations to suit any specification without wasted space or hardware cost. Multiple SmartRail I/O Bases can be used – limited only by the performance requirements of the application. SmartRail Ethernet I/O is compatible with any OCS controller with built-in Ethernet.

  • local expansion I/O or remote I/O up to 500 meters away
  • expand to 8 modules per base and 16 bases per network
  • screw-type terminals, standard spring-clamp style optional
  • flexible fieldbus selection
    • CsCAN
    • Ethernet
    • CANopen
    • Profibus
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