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Reliable Level Measurement with Guided Wave Radar

Reliable Level Measurement with Guided Wave Radar

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A leading global manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, persulfates and adjacent technologies requests an innovative solutions for level measurement. Performance of existing radar level transmitters is sporadic. And a more reliable level measurement solution for peracetic acid storage totes is required. In this application, the level of 2 four feet (120 cm) tall 350-gallon (1325 l) plastic totes containing a 25% concentration of peracetic acid is monitored. The level monitoring system contains a PLC that communicates with the radar transmitter, which is mounted on the top of 6.5 feet (2 meters) high, 2″ schedule 40 stainless steel vent tube. A pump transfers acid from one tote to the other when level in the vent tube reaches low level.


Reliable Level Measurement with MicroTREK Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

MicroTREK guided wave radar with 6.5 feet (2 meters) insertion length coaxial probe is tested as a replacement to a competitor’s non-contact radar transmitter. The coaxial probe provides a longer measurable range due to very short dead zones. Additionally, no manual threshold adjustment is required in the 2″ pipe when using the coax probe. This is more appealing than the competitive transmitter, which requires adjustment and calibration at installation. Additionally, the current radar level transmitter has a limited measuring range. The MicroTREK requires minimal configuration and provides a desirable measuring range.

Easy to Install Level Measurement Sensors from NIVELCO

Initially, three MicroTREK transmitters are installed into the current system for testing purposes. All these transmitters perform to meet or exceed expectation. So the customer ultimately installs an additional three MicroTREK non-contact level measurement sensors. Furthermore, the customer implements a plan to install three transmitters at a time to eventually replace all competitive transmitters. Beyond satisfaction with the reliability of the MicroTREK level transmitter, the ease of installation and price satisfies budget requirements. Additionally, the customer appreciates the favorable lead times from NIVELCO. This includes the fabrication of the vent tubes, which only takes about three weeks for production.


Choosing the Best Level Measurement Instrumentation for Your Application

One of the keys to success for this application is selecting the most effective solution that completely solves customer requirements. Our wide variety of measurement technology provides different ways to approach tough level measurement applications. Other level measurement solutions considered for this project are the NIVOFLIP with NIVOTRACK, and the NIVOCAP with NIVOPRESS D. However, the MicroTREK ultimately best meets all customer requirements in terms of reliability, price, ease of installation, minimal configuration, and delivery. The MicroTREK offers a number of HazLoc ratings, making it suitable for use in Hazardous Areas: ATEX, IEC Ex, INMETRO, UKCA Ex.

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