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Continuous Level Measurement

Continuous Level Measurement In a Wastewater Level Measurement System was Originally Designed with Float Switches. Using Piezoresistive Level Transmitters

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Using a Thermal Level Switch for Interface (Level) Detection

Instrument malfunctions are a common problem across a wide array of industries. For a segment of our clients, the combination of the process media and plant condition tends to cause instrument malfunctions that require maintenance. For a level switch to perform well it must avoid failure that can be caused

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PiloTREK Level Transmitter
lift station

Lift Station Measurement with the PiloTREK

A wastewater lift station can be a very essential part of wastewater treatment. A lift station is essentially a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. A big benefit of using a lift station is the amount of money saved from not having to

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Displaying the 4-20 mA via Panel Meter

How to demonstrate the 4-20 mA analog output feature on the Kayden CLASSIC 800 series using a panel meter The product being used will be the Kayden CLASSIC 800 Series Thermal Dispersion Flow, Level, Interface & Temperature Switch & Transmitter The Kayden CLASSIC supports an analog output current loop (4-20

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