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Surge Protection Systems

Surge Protection and an underestimated risk This system consists of external lightning protection and internal surge protection. This The purpose of an external lightning protection system Use of an air-termination system to intercept direct lightning strikes Down-conductor system used to safely discharge a lightning current Earth-termination system distributes the lightning current in the ground Elements of surge protection systems Separation distances Earth-termination system Down conductor Lightning equipotential bonding (interconnecting all isolated conducting parts of the installation by means of surge protective devices) Air-termination systems Red/line power supply systems DEHN’s Red/Line® provides surge protective devices for installation into switchgear installations, meter

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Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems Surges – underestimated risk The function of a lighting protection system is to protect structures from fire or mechanical destruction and to prevent that the civilians in the buildings are injured or even killed. An overall lightning protection system consists of external lighting protection (lighting protection/earthing) and internal lightning protection (surge protection). Functions of an external Lightning protection system Interception of direct lightning strikes via an air-termination system Safe discharge of lightning current to earth via a down-conductor system Distribution of the lighting current in the ground via an earth-termination system Functions of an internal Lightning protection

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DEHNpatch Outdoor: Waterproof Ethernet/PoE Protector

Surge protection whatever the weather – DEHNpatch outdoor For PoE cameras and Ethernet applications Extreme weather conditions? Dust, ice, sand, rain, snow… no problem! The DEHNpatch outdoor surge arrester protects your IP and gigabit Ethernet applications. Reliable IP66 enclosure. As an expert for safety, monitoring and network communication, you will be familiar with this problem: surge arresters are often installed in extremely exposed locations. Up to now, that meant that they had to be laboriously protected against weather-related influences. This cost time, required an additional weatherproof enclosure and made maintenance more complex. Now it’s quicker and easier: with the all-in-one

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