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Surge Protection Systems

Surge Protection and an underestimated risk

This system consists of external lightning protection and internal surge protection. This

The purpose of an external lightning protection system

Light Protection System Diagram
  • Use of an air-termination system to intercept direct lightning strikes
  • Down-conductor system used to safely discharge a lightning current
  • Earth-termination system distributes the lightning current in the ground

Elements of surge protection systems

Building structure of the elements of a surge protection system
  • Separation distances
  • Earth-termination system
  • Down conductor
  • Lightning equipotential bonding (interconnecting all isolated conducting parts of the installation by means of surge protective devices)
  • Air-termination systems

Red/line power supply systems

Image of Dehn red lion product line

DEHN’s Red/Line® provides surge protective devices for installation into switchgear installations, meter mounting boards, distribution cabinets, cable ducts, socket outlets, and terminal equipment. It is a complete portfolio for protecting systems up to 1,000 VAC and 1,500 VDC against surges caused by atmospheric discharge and switching operations.

IT systems – Yellow/Line

DEHN’s Yellow/Line  portfolio comprises surge protective devices for information technology devices and systems of buildings, process plants, and telecommunication systems.

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