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Mobile Calibration Setup For Flow Meters

How do you know for sure that the gas flow that you measure or set is right? The answer is quite simple: make sure that the flow instrument you are using to measure the gas flow gives the real value. Therefore, calibration (and adjusting) of the flow meter, at times,

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(ultra) low flow

Flow Controllers for Bioreactors

Reliability is an Important  Mass Flow Controller Parameter for Bioreactors In bioreactors, delicate processes take place to multiply biological materials. These processes contain valuable substances, sometimes even beyond a price tag, as these can be an important step in a new vaccine or treatment. Our commitment to our customers in

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What does Calibration and Adjustment of a Flow Meter Mean?

Explaining the process of calibration and the adjustment of flow meters For us, as suppliers of flow meters and flow controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids, supplying a proper working measuring device of high quality to our customers is incredibly important. Therefore quality control becomes very important.

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