Mobile Calibration Setup For Flow Meters

How do you know for sure that the gas flow that you measure or set is right? The answer is quite simple: make sure that the flow instrument you are using to measure the gas flow gives the real value. Therefore, calibration (and adjusting) of the flow meter, at times, is necessary. What Is Calibration? Calibration is comparing the measurement value of a device under test – DUT – with a known (reference) quantity. Results of calibration are stored in a calibration certificate. In this particular case, Bronkhorst has developed a mobile calibration setup for a customer in the chemical

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Flow Controllers for Bioreactors

Why is reliability an important mass flow controller parameter for Bioreactors? In bioreactors delicate processes take place to multiply biological materials. These processes contain valuable substances, sometimes even beyond a price tag, as these can be an important step in a new vaccine or treatment. Our commitment to our customers in the biotech industry is to make bioreactors work with reliable and reproducible mass flow controllers. For this blog we interviewed Dion Oudejans and Vincent Hengeveld, Product Managers at Bronkhorst about reliable flow controllers. Reliability refers to the quality of being able to be trusted to do what somebody wants

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