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FLEXI-FLOW Gas Mass Compact Flow Meter and Controller

FLEXI-FLOW Gas Mass Compact Flow Meter and Controller

The new FLEXI-FLOW Series is a multiparameter, compact flow meter and controller that can also control and measure temperature and pressure of the flow stream. It combines fast and stable chip sensors with reliable and accurate bypass technology. These compact, innovative instruments are a quantum leap forward in mass flow measurement and control. The FLEXI-FLOW from Bronkhorst can accurately measure and/or control mass flow rates and pressures of clean and dry gases in a fluid system. This flow meter and controller is best suited for general purpose, indoor (dry) applications like laboratories and machine enclosures.

  • Multi-parameter measurement: flow, temperature, and pressure in one instrument
  • Simple and secure connection through Bluetooth and comprehensive App
  • Superior accuracy through onboard gas database and real time conversion
  • NAMUR status indication keeps you informed about your process
  • Adaptable to many applications through wide dynamic range of measurement and control


The FLEXI-FLOW Series is suited for accurate measurement of flow ranges between 0-500 mln/min and 0-20 ln/min at operating pressures between vacuum and 17 bar(a). This compact flow meter and controller combines a swift and stable thermal mass flow sensor based on capillary MEMS technology with a precise and proven by-pass construction.

  • 3 control types in one compact instrument
    • Mass flow
    • Upstream pressure
    • Downstream pressure
  • Multi parameter output
    • Actual mass flow
    • Upstream pressure
    • Downstream pressure
    • Temperature (instrument)
  • Simple and secure connection through Bluetooth or USB-C
  • High accuracy through on-board gas database and real-time conversion
  • Easy to configure
  • MTBF 145 years

Multifunctional Compact Flow Meter from Bronkhorst

Due to the unique TCS Technology (Through Chip Sensor), accurate mass flow measurement, virtual independence of variations in temperature and line pressure is established. In combination with integrated temperature and upstream and downstream pressure sensors, the embedded database for 22 gases allows accurate, on-board conversion.

Easy, Plug-and-Play Flow Control with the PSC6194


The PSC6194 from Process Solutions Corp. is an ideal plug-and-play flow controller with built-in logic and control functions. Since the FLEXI-FLOW does not have serial communications available, unlike many other Bronkhorst flow instrumentation, using a laptop isn’t an easy option. The PSC6194 is designed and programmed by Process Solutions Corp. specifically for use with Bronkhorst flow meters and controllers.

The PSC6194 is an all-in-one flow controller system that comes preprogrammed with standard flow control functions for a user friendly interface. The touchscreen HMI offers intuitive control and is capable of data logging and other functions that are useful for batching or continuous production processes. While standard packages are available, our engineers can work closely with your team to develop a unique system that fits every requirement for your application. Whether your process involves gas flow or liquid flow such as liquid dosing applications, the PSC6194 offers easy but powerful control.

Features of the PSC6194 Flow Controller
  • Analog and Modbus Interface
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Indication and Operation of:
    • Measured Value
    • Setpoint
    • Instrument Range
    • Trending Values Totalizer (limit, value, totalizer mode, new setpoint)

Fully Customizable, Compact Flow Meters and Controllers

The FLEXI-FLOW concept offers the option of built-to-order designs for OEM customers, in which various multiple channels Mass Flow & Pressure Meters / Controllers are combined into one microfluidic system. The following functional modules can be configured into one compact sub-system: mass flow meter or controller, pressure meter or controller, shut-off valve, mixing chamber. Such a ”plug and perform” assembly ensures space efficiency, cost reduction and a minimum of potential leak points.

  • Compact assembly ensures space efficiency
  • Economical solution, low cost of ownership
  • Combination of functions on one assembly (i.e. tubeless construction) reduces potential leak points
  • Pre-tested “Plug and Play” units, reducing custom testing requirements
  • Multi-bus communication interface by gateway (Ethernet, CAN, and Serial)

TCS Technology for High Accuracy Low Flow Meters

Bronkhorst has created a completely new concept for measuring mass flow using the thermal measuring principle. The unique TCS Technology (Through Chip Sensor) combines the best of two technologies: a fast and stable chip flow sensor applied in Bronkhorst’s proven by-pass construction. Due to the TCS Technology, accurate mass flow measurement, virtual independent of variations in temperature and line pressure is established. By measuring the actual process conditions (temperature and line pressure), a real-time correction is made to the measured value. And because all gas properties are available on-board, accurate conversion to other gases is possible.

Due to the ultra-thin sensor tube, the sensor reacts instantaneously to changes of the gas flow, resulting
in very fast flow measurement. Combined with a direct acting control valve, settling times smaller than 150 ms are achieved. Besides mass flow measurement, the instrument has an integrated temperature sensor and 2 pressure sensors (instrument inlet and outlet pressure). These measurement parameters do not only provide information about the instrument but also about the process conditions.

On-board FLUIDAT Gas Database

Select your process gas. With 22 on-board gases, it is very easy to switch to another gas or mixture. Additionally, the on-board gas database is used for real-time corrections on the flow measurement based on the actual process conditions (temperature and line pressure).

The instrument shows the status of self-monitoring and diagnosis by means of a coloured LED. This signal can be easily recognized by the operator. For more details the diagnostic parameters can be used.

We have been able to reduce the footprint by 35% compared to similar instruments up to 20 ln/min. Due to this compact size, the instrument is very suitable to be used inside desktop equipment or at places where space is limited.

USB-C and Bluetooth Communication Interface

For easy setup outside the installation, the USB-C port can be used. Communication can be established with the Bronkhorst FlowSuite software without the need of an additional power supply. During operation, this port can also be used to monitor the instrument without disconnecting the power and data connection. To enhance user flexibility, a wireless connection allows monitoring the instrument without disconnecting the regular power and data connection. In case Bluetooth is not desired, this function can be disabled.

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Predictive Maintenance

Due to the accurate conversion, calibration with valuable or rare gases is no longer necessary. In addition, Bronkhorst’s products are known for their low power consumption. The reduced size and weight of the instrument minimizes its environmental impact. Prepared for predictive maintenance and diagnostic functions by means of datalogging of several parameters, that can be used to predict the health status of the instrument and condition of the process. With multiple configurable alarms the information can be transferred to the user.

Multi-Channel Systems

FLEXI-FLOW Compact instruments can be combined to build a compact system that is ready to use. Multi-channel systems up to 8 channels can be easily created with the help of configuration software. The use of distribution chambers at the inlet or mixing chambers at the outlet ensures a compact and small build of the system. Communication from the multi-channel system to the PLC can be established with additional gateways. Since the system is completely assembled and tested at Bronkhorst, the effort required for commissioning is kept to a minimum.

Common Uses of FLEXI-FLOW Low Flow Meter

Bronkhorst FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series Model Line-up

  • Preconfigured Advanced (PA), Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) in 4 ranges (FS): 0.5/2/5/20 ln/min (based on N2), turndown 1:500, flow + temperature + pressure
  • Preconfigured Standard (PS), MFCs in 4 ranges (FS): 0.5/2/5/20 ln/min (based on N2), turndown 1:50, flow + temperature
  • Built-to-Order (BtO), MFCs and Mass Flow Meters (MFMs), free selection of ranges between 0.5 and 20 ln/min (FS, based on N2), turndown 1:1000; including multi-channel versions up to 8 channels