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Secure Remote Access for Industrial Machines

After-sales service and support for industrial machines is often costly and time consuming. Experienced engineers and technicians often must travel to the site to diagnose issues, answer questions, provide training, and resolve problems. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could quickly and securely receive diagnostics that resolve most of those issues remotely? The Ewon Cosy from HMS provides secure remote access to industrial instrumentation for automation processes.


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Industrial Machines Benefit from Secure Remote Access

The first chapter explains the need for and benefits of remote access; the history, advantages, and disadvantages of different remote access technologies. It also explores the many business and technical benefits of remote access.

Exploring Remote Access Environments

The second chapter provides the basics about computer networking technology, IIoT, the Internet, and cloud computing, as well as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), automation, and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Ensuring Safety and Reliability of IIoT, Remote Access in Automated Industrial Processes

Although the Internet enables remote access to networks and machines around the world with many business ­benefits,­ it­ also­ affords­ an­ opportunity­ for­ malicious­ ­activity. Cyberattacks have become all too common these days. This­ chapter explains­ the­ basics­ of­ Internet­ security­ and­ how­ Ewon­ protects­ your­ machines­ and­ data­ with­ its­ Talk2M­ defense-in-depth­ security­ architecture.

Ewon Industrial Instrumentation and Secure Remote Access

This chapter, explores how to use Ewon’s flagship remote access solution, the Ewon Cosy. The Ewon Cosy is an industrial remote access router that’s designed to offer easy remote access, across the Internet, to machines and installations at customer sites or in the field. More explicitly, with the HMS Ewon Cosy, machine builders, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and system integrators can troubleshoot machines, debug the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) program, upload projects, gain remote use of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) or an IP camera without going on site, thus drastically reducing support costs.

Successes from Implementing Remote Access to Industrial Automation Processes

In this chapter, four real-world Ewon customers in different industries share remote access success stories. Gain inside perspective from the point of view of manufacturers, food and beverage producers, bulk material handlers, and cyclotron machines.

How to Easily Implement Secure Remote Access and IIoT into Your Existing Industrial Automation

The final chapter provides an overview of getting started with Ewon Cosy and reviews its ease of use.

You can download the entire e-book from HMS Ewon here for free.

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