PR Electronics 4184 Universal uni-/bipolar signal transmitter

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Process Solutions is proud to partner with PR Electronics as they announce the NEW 4184 Universal Uni-/Bipolar Signal Transmitter!

In all aspects of the design, PR electronics has focused on the multifunctionality of the 4000 series. Therefore, the seven product variants cover hundreds of applications, resulting in reduced stock as well as increased flexibility and competitiveness.

The 4184 Universal uni-/bipolar converter is the ideal addition to PR’s multifunctional 4000 series, as it is the world’s most versatile converter that can be operated by a detachable display for easy configuration and diagnostic. The module interfaces analog active signals or powers 2/3-wire transmitters from more or less any field-device, such as pressure, flow and level transmitters, as well as, torque, position, current and acceleration sensors. This makes it the perfect interface for connecting devices like PLC, DCS, chart recorders and more. This is particularly useful, where customers are looking for a product to become site standard, where it is essential to secure a high-accuracy signal, eliminate noise issues, and provide a strong galvanic isolation protection.

Product features of the PR 4184 include:

  • The module provides uni-/bipolar current and voltage output, or a passive 2-wire mA output
  • Extremely good signal dynamics for spans from 25 mV to 300 VDC
  • Fast < 20 ms response time and excellent 0.05% accuracy
  • Galvanic isolation with the capability of measuring +/- 300 VDC and +/- 100 mA
  • Special functions: Square root with adjustable low cut-off, buffered voltage output (+/- 20 VDC into min. 2,000 Ω), V-function
  • The module can excite 2- and 3-wire transmitters and has built-in 2.5 V reference for exciting potentiometer input
  • It has configurable input limits controlling the output for increased safety
  • The module meets the demand from both NAMUR NE21 and NAMUR NE43

Combine it with the PR 4501 or PR 4511

“The unique combination of the PR 4184 with one of our detachable communication interfaces makes it one of the safest modules of its kind, as changes can only be made with an interface. Trouble-shooting is also done fast and easy, as technicians do not need any extra measuring equipment,” says Simon Bisbo, Chief Sales Officer at PR electronics. “Commissioning the devices after installing is also possible in an extremely short time, as the communication interfaces are incredibly easy to use.”

The 4501 Display/programming front and the 4511 Communication enabler allow access to your process data. The PR 4501, a local operator interface, provides connectivity on all devices of the 4000 series to locally monitor process values, device configuration and perform signal simulation. The PR 4511 offers the same, as well as easy remote access to process values of all devices of the 4000 series.

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