Stafford, Texas
Integrated Solutions
Over the past two decades, Process Solutions Corp. has designed a number of unique, integrated solutions for our customers. We now offer some of these designs as fully integrated packages, a predesigned solution that can be quickly assembled in our workshop and shipped directly to you.

The PSC 6194 by Process Solutions Corp. is a mass flow controller featuring a color touch screen display which delivers a big picture into an overall small package. With its 4.3″ wide aspect screen and hidden soft key technology, you can use the entire screen to display and interact with up to 4 flow meters. Operation of:

  • measured value
  • setpoint
  • fluid/tag number
  • alarm functions (min/max, response, counter)

PSC 6000

Operation Controller

The PSC6000_XL10 Operation Controller plugs you into the best conversation as silent as Modbus and allows you to modify as many preprogrammed parameters as you need, without the cumbersome hardware or additional software downloads.

For mass flow control of vapors,  the VAPOR-DEPO, is a liquid delivery system that can be applied for atmospheric, pressurized and vacuum processes. It can vaporize liquid flows from 0.25 to 1200 g/h of water and with most other fluids the capacity will be even higher.


Paramagnetic Oxygen Detector

Built for longevity and accuracy, this oxygen detector uses non-consumable paramagnetic technology to detect oxygen, offering an alternative to oxygen detectors that use fuel cells, which deplete over time. Using a paramagnetic oxygen detector will virtually eliminate routine maintenance and calibrations in exchange for increased safety, reliability, and lower cost of ownership.


Redundant Power Backup

POWER-ON by Process Solutions is a redundant industrial 24 Volt power backup system that will ensure uninterrupted power to your critical monitoring and control systems. The system provides both “bumpless” battery backup power through power outages and protection against power surge and transient conditions such as brown-outs.

Vibration Monitoring System

The Vibration Monitoring System, PSC6019, uses existing field sensors can transmit data wirelessly, and provides easy monitor and recording of data on a vibrant all-in-one controller screen.



Universal Valve Tester System

VALVE-SYNC is a highly configurable universal valve tester verification system that can streamline your testing process to save you time and money. Eliminate liability, reduce labor costs, and generate repeatable results with VALVE-SYNC.

PSC Lift Station Meter

Our lift station meter monitors the on/off cycles of the pump. This data, along with basic pump information (gallons per minute, etc), provides an accurate flow profile of your lift station. Additionally, the PSC Lift Station Meter can monitor your flow and level indicators and provides an overview of your lift station’s health. We have 3 models of lift station meter packages to offer to fit any budget: wireless profiler, wireless non-profiler, and non-wireless non-profiler.