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Integrated Solutions
Over the past two decades, Process Solutions Corp. has designed a number of unique, integrated solutions for our customers. We now offer some of these designs as fully integrated packages, a predesigned solution that can be quickly assembled in our workshop and shipped directly to you.

The PSC CEM System is a vapor generation system that incorporates a gas flow meter, liquid flow meter, and a vaporizer to create uniform, repeatable, and controllable vapor streams. Operation is provided through a preprogrammed, user-friendly, touchscreen controller and is available in table top or rack mounted versions.

The PSC 6194 by Process Solutions Corp. is a mass flow controller featuring a color touch screen display which delivers a big picture into an overall small package. With its 4.3″ wide aspect screen and hidden soft key technology, you can use the entire screen to display and interact with up to 4 flow meters. Preprogrammed to be user-friendly, this flow controller offers the standard functions of:

  • measured value
  • setpoint
  • fluid/tag number
  • alarm functions (min/max, response, counter)

Chemical Dosing Systems from Process Solutions Corp. eliminate the guess work in the dosing of fuels and other liquids. They feature an easy to operate user interface that relies on color touchscreen controls and fully automatic operation with alarming, quick shutdown, and other preprogrammed functions. Our Dosing Systems are available in stand-alone, rack-mounted, and portable styles and can be custom designed and programmed to fit your exact dosing requirements.

Built for longevity and accuracy, this oxygen detector uses non-consumable paramagnetic technology to detect oxygen, offering an alternative to oxygen detectors that use fuel cells, which deplete over time. Using a paramagnetic oxygen detector will virtually eliminate routine maintenance and calibrations in exchange for increased safety, reliability, and lower cost of ownership.

The Gas Bottle Monitor from Process Solutions Corp. is desgined to monitor the pressure of industrial gas bottles / pressurized analyzer gas tanks and notify operators when supply is running low.

• transmit pressure to DCS via Modbus TCP
• visually indicates pressure / volume
• alarm notifications when bottles are running low via text, email, or LED light
• cost effective solution
• eliminate operator rounds to check pressures manually

POWER-ON by Process Solutions Corp. is a redundant industrial 24 Volt power backup system that will ensure uninterrupted power to your critical monitoring and control systems. The system provides both “bumpless” battery backup power through power outages and protection against power surge and transient conditions such as brown-outs.