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Oxygen Detector

Oxygen Detector, Highly Accurate, Low Cost Alternative to Fuel Cell Sensors, Paramagnetic Sensors are Non-depleting, Eliminate Calibrations, Routine Maintenance

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Protect your intrinsically safe measuring circuits and bus systems with a DEHNpipe surge protection device. With over a dozen style to choose from including flame and explosion proof configurations, the DEHNpipe surge arrester is sure to fit your process needs.

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Core Sensors Pressure Solutions - Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Pressure Transducers

Core Sensors The Ultimate Pressure Solution One Piece Design Explore Sensor Types Contact Us Explore Sensors By Application Core Sensors manufactures and distributes pressure transducers for industrial, hydrogen, energy and many other fluid and gas process applications. Pressure Transducers Industrial Pressures up to 40,000 PSI Pressure transducers for various industrial applications. Small profile, steel mill and other custom configurations are available Explore Sensor Types Pressure Transducers Hazardous Location CSA, ANSI/UL 122701,ABS,CE Pressure transducers certified by

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frequency converter from process solutions corp

Frequency Converter

Frequency Converter to Protect Vibrating, Rotating Machinery, Monitor Critical Speed, Over Speed, Under Speed, Control Process Temperature, Pressure, Flow

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