NewTek Sensors – LVDT Position Sensors

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Process Solutions is pleased to announce our partnership with NewTek Sensor Solutions, a U.S. manufacturer of position sensors.  NewTek’s pricing is competitive, and their lead times are fantastic!  Their team of engineers have decades of experience, which gives them the capability to bring you custom solutions.

Most of your LVDT needs can be met by products from NewTek Sensor Solutions.  With applications ranging from Oil & Gas to Water & Wastewater, Power Generation to Subsea & Marine, NewTek’s standard, custom, and harsh-environment LVDT-based linear position sensors provide you with the ability to monitor tiny changes.

  • High pressure AC LVDTs (20,000 psi)
  • Extreme high temperature AC LVDTs (1,000°F)
  • Miniaturized AC LVDTs (3/8″ or 0.188″ diameter housing)
  • Spring-loaded, gage heads
  • Hermetically-sealed LVDTs
  • LVDT signal conditioning electronics

Contact us for more details.

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