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Frequency Output Pressure Sensors

Frequency Output Pressure Sensors

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  • While many pressure sensors rely on current or voltage output, frequency output is sometimes necessary.
  • VFDs commonly use frequency output for water pump control and hydraulic pumps.
  • We offer 1-6 kHz frequency output for our industrial pressure sensors, in addition to other kHz ranges.

The most common output signals in pressure sensors are current or voltage. However, there are applications where frequency output is the preferred output signal. The prevalent choice is 1-6 kHz as a linear signal over the operating pressure range with an excitation voltage from 10-28 VDC. Other kHz ranges are available, too!

Applications That Commonly Specify Frequency Output

The most common application is one where a variable frequency drive (VFD) is in use. For this instance, the pressure sensor is useful in the VFD control panel. Examples include water pumping control skids and hydraulic pumps that are powering rams in waste management.

Advantages of a 1-6 kHz Frequency Output

  • low signal loss in applications that have electrical noise
  • A to D conversion not necessary, thus simplifying design and saving cost
  • frequency output in use with long cable lengths without signal degradation

1-6 kHz Frequency Output is Suitable for use* in Systems that Currently Utilize These Models:

  • Omega PX106
  • Honeywell EAF Series
  • Syncroflo 40-801-0300
  • AST4700

If you’re considering frequency output for your design or you need to replace your current 1-6 kHz output pressure sensor or transducer, please call us at 281-491-3833 or email [email protected].

*Comparable models above are the property of their respective manufacturers. Please confirm compatibility of the sensor to the system prior to purchase and installation.

Featuring Core Sensors CS10 Industrial Pressure Sensor

The CS10 Industrial Pressure Transducer is designed for demanding industrial applications. For example, it’s ideal for water pressure monitoring, use with hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, HVAC and refrigeration controls, and hydrogen service. Furthermore, the ASIC electronics on this pressure sensor, from Core Sensors, offer analog voltage or 4-20mA loop powered output signals. It uses MEMS silicon strain gages mounted to a stainless steel or nickel alloy sensing element and various process connections are available to allow flexibility among common applications.

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