Pentronic values PR products ability to solve their customers problems and the quality and ease of use of PR devices

Pentronics is a leading temperature sensor manufacturer located in Gunnebo in Sweden. The company develops, manufactures and sells thermocouples and Pt100 resistance thermometers (RTDs), cables and connectors, and also processes connections and market IR-radiation pyrometers, transmitters as well as instrumentation like indicators, controllers, loggers and temperature calibration equipment. Pentronic's temperature sensors are found in equipment all over the world.

Pentronics have been working with PR electronic products for more than 20 years. Pentronic values PR product ability to solve their customers problems and the quality and ease of use of PR devices. Per Bäckström, Sales Engineer at Pentronic, explains:

Exceptional EMC performance

"The biggest advantage of our partnership is the we can trust PR Electronics. The products are highly reliable and able to solve the problem for the customer. Let me give an example.. in one of our projects we had issues relating to a noisy environment. The electrical noise affected the accuracy of the temperature measurement. We then decided to use a PR transmitter and that solved the problem.

Easy to configure

Per Bäckström is not only satisfied with the performance of PR's products - he also likes the flexibility and usability of the transmitters:

"one of our customers was introduced to one of PR's temperature indicators. He was a bit surprised when he discovered that he didnt have to use the manual to make configurations" , Per Bäckström adds.

How PR Electronics delivers Performance Made Smarter to Pentronic:

Per Bäckström talks about Pentronics’ partnership with PR electronics – see the video:

Pentronic AB: Products used
  • 5333A - 2 - wire programmable transmitter
  • 4114 universal transmitter
  • 4501 displaay/programming front
  • 6335A 2-wire HART® transmitter
Excellent EMC performance

PR Electronics has always been a pioneer in EMC.

In 1991, they created their own in-house EMC laboratory and since then we have made significant advancements in designing products for high EMC performance. PR is thus not depending on using shielded enclosures.

Through a combination of:

  • sophisticated printed circuit board layout where we wanted and unwanted signals are being intelligently routed
  • filters protecting from DC to GHz - from uV to kV and from uA to A
  • PR's EMC performance is a maximum deviation of 0.5% of the specified range

we guarantee that each product achieves renowned EMC standards

Beyond their rigorous design process, they also subject their devices to more stringent testing than many of their competitors:

  • Tested by 20V/m (the EMC Directive only says 10V/m).
  • Tested against A criteria (supply and output) and B criteria (input) mixing the toughest requirements for both emission and immunity

The result is an exceptional EMC performance, ensuring stable and accurate signal conditioning throughout your process.