Why use In-line Filters for Flow Instruments?

With mass flow instruments, the accessory of choice often is a communication cable, these are essential in allowing you to communicate with an instrument and monitor or access the very information that you purchased the instrument to make available. However, one accessory is often over-looked and can be far more essential to the long-term performance and life-time cost of running an instrument, especially in industrial applications; in-line filters.

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Pressure Sensors For Hydrogen Measurement

Why Pressure Sensors Are Needed For Hydrogen Measurement As the market for hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles and equipment continues to grow, so does the need for hydrogen compatible pressure sensors to safely monitor common uses such as dispensing and high pressure storage. Hydrogen is commonly used as an alternative fuel source in: Forklifts & lift trucks Power generation Commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, etc.) Automobiles   Hydrogen gas presents difficulties when it comes to pressure sensors that needs to be considered when selecting the correct sensor configuration. Two of the most common sensor concerns in Hydrogen applications are hydrogen embrittlement

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Top 10 Questions About Liquid Dosing

Almost every day you encounter products whose production process involves liquid dosing: when you eat sweets or a piece of chocolate, when you do the laundry or put on some nice perfume. There are countless other examples… Not only is liquid dosing used in the food industry to add fragrances and flavorings, it’s also used to add dyes to detergent and other household products. Another industry where dosing plays an important role is the petrochemical industry, where it’s used to dose additives (like catalysts). When do you need flow meters to dose additives, fragrances and flavorings? When do you need

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