NIVELCO, a Process Solutions vendor of level instrumentation, has announced receiving FM and CSA approvals for their PiloTREK W-100 instrument.


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As a technique to reduce the level of NOx (nitrogen oxides) in boiler or furnace exhaust gases Selective Catalytic Reduction has been around for years, as has the use of ammonia as the reductant.  Companies, who have been selling and servicing boilers and pumps for commercial and industrial applications for over 50 years, have been using mass flow controllers (MFC) which are not reliable or robust enough for the application and thus their customers suffer from loss of ammonia measurement and control.  

Process Solutions, a distributor of Bronkhorst MFC devices, can provide a Constant Temperature Anemometer MASS-STREAM™ instrument as a more robust and accurate solution.

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Control Design, a leading automation magazine in the United States and worldwide organizes a gigantic poll towards their readers each year.  For the third consecutive time, it has been awarded #1 in the Machine Remote Access Category!  The eWON Cosy is a product for pure Remote Access and is a real reference for the market.


Process Solutions can provide you with this award winning remote access solution and support.

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Want to know what is the best remote access solution for your business? Or simply want to discover remote access? In this white paper, the editors of Control Design explore the best ways to manage remote access and ensure security, while also minimizing the concerns of resistant IT departments.


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Have a need for controlling pressures in a reactor vessel?  Process Solutions can provide you with the precision control equipment solution needed for this task.  


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Cosanpa is a water treatment plant in Brazil. This case study dives deep into ABB's use of the freelance DSC which minimizes engineering and maximizes automation. The Freelance is one database which owns the configuration of all system components and one engineering tool for all configuration work.

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