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A Low Temperature, Safe, and Effective Way to Sterilize Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment

A Low Temperature, Safe, and Effective Way to Sterilize Reusable Medical Devices and Equipment

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Steam is by far the most common method of medical sterilization used in the U.S today. High temperatures produced by steam are not compatible with all materials and it has other disadvantages. The most prominent low temperature sterilization method currently used is ethylene oxide. EO is a relatively dangerous and toxic material.

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 has many advantages including low toxicity, low temperature, and relatively good material compatibility. There are several methods in use today this article discusses HPV or hydrogen peroxide vaporization.

Typical Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization Sterilization System

Using A Controlled Evaporation Mixer To Deliver The Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide

A Controlled Evaporative Mixer or CEM is the best way to deliver Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide for the sterilization process. At Process Solutions Corp. we design/build CEMs in order to leverage all the benefits of the process using the best technology available today

  • Both carrier gas and liquid flows are measured with high accuracy.
  • Very accurate flow control results in exact dosing of the carrier gas for consistent sterilization results.
  • Flexible and adjustable vapor concentration control.
  • A color touch screen interface allows anyone to view and operate the system; some individual functions require password

Additional Features

  • Our controller saves all parameters on a batch by batch basis for full compliance with record keeping requirements.
  • All batch data can also be transmitted to a central monitoring system.
  • Our controller allows setting up multiple recipes to match the equipment being sterilized.
  • The controller is configured with a full featured alarming functionality to ensure operators are always aware of any variances.
  • The controller can be remotely monitored via WiFi, hardwired ethernet, or over the internet.
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