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At Process Solutions Corp., we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time.  And, just like you know your process, we know our vendors.  And they have requirements before an order can be placed.  Their goal, like ours, like yours, is to get your process running properly in the quickest time possible.  So we require data that will help us calibrate, that will help us get the right flow-meter or controller or pressure sensor in your hands.

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FLUIDAT Upgrade: Calculating Fluid Properties

For over two decades the FLUIDAT database and FLUIDAT on the Net website have been a unique and powerful source for calculations of fluid properties. The FLUIDAT routines allow for the calculation of gas and liquid conversion factors and configuration of Bronkhorst instruments. Per December 13th we will update the FLUIDAT database with additional data for the existing gases. Next to this, we have added fluid data of almost 1000 fluids by using data from a number of additional sources, resulting in 1800+ available fluids in FLUIDAT. At the same time we have corrected some calculation routines for more accurate

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We are now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

Process Solutions is proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001:2015 certified!  Click here to download our certificate. To continually ensure that we achieve our customer service goals, we have re-certified and been awarded our ISO 9001:2015 certificate. To retain certification, we are audited annually by a third-party certification company.  This keeps our ISO certification status up-to-date, so we can keep meeting our customers’ needs and expectations. What does this mean? “ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management system…”  To meet these criteria, Process Solutions strives to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  This means we

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NewTek Sensors – LVDT Position Sensors

Process Solutions is pleased to announce our partnership with NewTek Sensor Solutions, a U.S. manufacturer of position sensors.  NewTek’s pricing is competitive, and their lead times are fantastic!  Their team of engineers have decades of experience, which gives them the capability to bring you custom solutions. Most of your LVDT needs can be met by products from NewTek Sensor Solutions.  With applications ranging from Oil & Gas to Water & Wastewater, Power Generation to Subsea & Marine, NewTek’s standard, custom, and harsh-environment LVDT-based linear position sensors provide you with the ability to monitor tiny changes. High pressure AC LVDTs (20,000

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DEHNpatch Outdoor: Waterproof Ethernet/PoE protector

Surge protection whatever the weather – DEHNpatch outdoor For PoE cameras and Ethernet applications Extreme weather conditions? Dust, ice, sand, rain, snow… no problem! The DEHNpatch outdoor surge arrester protects your IP and gigabit Ethernet applications. Reliable IP66 enclosure. As an expert for safety, monitoring and network communication, you will be familiar with this problem: surge arresters are often installed in extremely exposed locations. Up to now, that meant that they had to be laboriously protected against weather-related influences. This cost time, required an additional weatherproof enclosure and made maintenance more complex. Now it’s quicker and easier: with the all-in-one

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Lift Station

The PSC Lift Station Monitor

Introducing: The Process Solutions Lift Station Meter.  Gathering the experience of our engineers and technicians, we saw a need to track the health of pumps at lift stations.  The goals: Reduce costs Schedule maintenance Extend serviceable life of pumps Monitoring the pump cycles reveals a great deal about the current state of the lift station.  Is the influent clogged?  The pump will not need to come on.  Is the effluent clogged?  The pump will not shut off.  Is there another issue with the station?  Many times, the pump alone can help identify what’s going on.  But the Process Solutions Lift

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