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Remote Compact Controller (RCC) Series, Screenless HMI Controller

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Remote Compact Controller (RCC) Series, Screenless HMI Controller

The Remote Compact Controller (RCC) is a compact controller ideal for applications where a screen-less controller is the best fit.

Flexibility Meets Functionality
The RCC series is smart enough to perfectly complement our OCS family and ideal for applications where a screenless controller is the best fit. RCC controllers also pair well with the remote capabilities of the Horner webOCS line of products. The RCC controllers are equipped with a range of digital and analog inputs and outputs – providing users with superior I/O options for both Discrete and Process Applications. Additionally, most RCCs contain RS-232 & RS-485, CAN and 10/100 Ethernet – which provides you with serial connectivity, I/O expansion, Ethernet communications and advanced functions such as e-mail and web serving.


  • Provides superior connectivity – supporting both CAN and 10/100 Ethernet as standard
  • Inclusion of CAN provides the ability for the RCC to support hundreds of remote I/O points using Horner’s CsCAN


Building Automation
Material Handling
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Increase overall productivity
  • Improve occupant comfort
  • Economical operation systems
  • Minimize HMI inefficiencies
  • Track/log/catalog data
Renewable Energy
Water and Wastewater
Oil and Gas
  • Data logging, remote access
  • Sunlight and UV protection
  • Station pump control
  • Remote water well controls
  • Maximize capacity utilization
  • Maintain emission standards

Simple Needs, Intuitive Design

Provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), integrators, and automation end-users with flexible, functional I/O, and simple all-in- one controller options without a built-in screen.

Programming, Data Logging and Alerts

Use the RCC’s built-in serial and Ethernet ports for Cscape programming. Utilize Horner’s user-friendly, ladder-logic based PLC software, our IEC 6-1131 options, and application defined communications. Data logging, application updates and advanced recipe handling are made easy via the built-in removable microSDTM memory card. Log process based on individual events or specific times; everything is completely customizable – create virtual black box functionality for your machine.

Versatility Meets Precision – Horner webOCS

Register RCC controllers with Horner webOCS products to monitor and control plant data from the palm of your hand. Published directly from the OCS Controller, the webOCS line allows the same or unique web pages to be monitored and controlled from your computer, tablet or other mobile device. Developed completely within our Cscape environment, webOCS allows for state-of-the-art HTML5 development without the need for web programming skills.

Remote Compact Controller RCC Series Model Line-Up

8 digital DC inputs, 4 digital outputs, 8 Analog Inputs and 4 analog outputs
14 digital DC inputs, 10 digital outputs
8 digital DC inputs, 8 digital outputs, 4 Analog Inputs and 2 analog outputs
2 digital DC inputs, 4 digital outputs, 1 analog Input and 4 analog outputs
12 digital DC inputs, 10 digital outputs, 2 Analog Inputs and 2 analog outputs