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OCS-I/O, Expandable Input/Output

OCS-I/O, Expandable Input/Output

OCS-I/O from Horner Automation is a modular I/O system for OCS all-in-one controllers that offers a fieldbus network (CsCAN). It is a flexible, highly expandable Input/Output system that can be applied as a local expansion I/O or as remote I/O distributed over hundreds of meters.

  • Fieldbus network – CsCAN
  • Local expansion I/O or remote I/O up to 500 meters away
  • Expand to 8 modules per base and 16 bases per network
  • Screw-type terminals standard; spring-clamp style optional


  • Fieldbus Network – the OCS-I/O has both a CsCAN In and CsCAN Out in order to easily daisy-chain CsCAN networks with module RJ45 connections
  • Compact Footprint – a fully loaded base still fits in a footprint of 3.5H x 8.75W (in.) [90H x 215W (mm)]
  • Uses sturdy spring-clamp terminals to maintain a low profile design

One I/O Module with Numerous Input/Output Options

Sometimes you only need a little bit. With the OCS-I/O, from Horner Automation, you can start with the CNX116, the base unit, which itself includes I/O (input/output). And it’s intended to offer the perfect introductory amount of I/O for Horner OCS Controllers. The CNX116 provides (2) Flexible Inputs (digital or 12-bit analog), (2) Digital Outputs, (1) 16-bit Universal Analog Input, and (1) 12-bit Analog Output onboard. Two inputs can be used for either digital or analog signals, giving it up to 3 analog inputs without needing another module.

Highly Expandable and Flexible Remote OCS-I/O

With expandability up to 7 modules per base and 16 bases per network, OCS-I/O can handle almost every I/O need. Additionally, it even includes a CsCAN In and CsCAN Out port, which allows users to easily daisy-chain multiple bases without requiring extraneous custom wiring.

I/O with Easy Configuration

Whether a little or a lot, OCS-I/O configuration is meant to be simple and effortless. It’s configured using Cscape software, which is especially powerful with the new Cscape 10 update. So when wired up, the OCS-I/O can find the base and populate all installed modules automatically. From there, you may only need to tweak a couple of configurations for the base or modules to be ready to go. Also, Cscape calculates I/O power usage automatically, so you’ll never overload an I/O base.

Horner Expandable Input / Output for Automation Control

OCS-I/O Base and Module Descriptions

HE959CNX116 – OCS-I/O CsCAN Base. 2 Flexible (digital or 12-bit analog) Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs, 1 Universal 16-bit Analog Input, and 1 Analog Output (PLEASE NOTE CNX116 is the OCS-I/O base and is required to use the following I/O modules). This unit can support up to 7 of the following I/O modules per base:

  • HE959ADU100 – 4 Universal Analog module. 16-bit resolution, selectable channel-by-channel for 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, PT100/PT1000 RTD, or J/K/T/E/N/R/S/B-type Thermocouple
  • HE959DAC107 – 4 Analog Outputs module. 12-bit resolution, selectable channel-by-channel for 0-20mA, 4-20mA, or 0-10V
  • HE959DIM620 – 8 Digital AC Inputs module. 90-240VAC, 1 common per module
  • HE959DIQ512 – 4 Digital DC Inputs, 4 Relay Outputs module. Positive / negative selectable logic per input. Up to 3A per relay, up to 120VAC
  • HE959DIQ616 – 8 Digital DC Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs module. 12-24VDC, positive/negative logic for inputs, positive logic for outputs
  • HE959DQM502 – 4 Relay Output module. Up to 8A AC or 5A DC current per relay, up to 240VAC
CNX116 (Base) 2 1 1 2
ADU100 4
DAC107 4
DIM620 8
DIQ512 4 4
DIQ616 8 8
DQM502 4


Expected Firmware Support Release Dates

XL Series (excluding XLEe/XLTe) – October 2022
XL Prime Series – November 2022
Micro OCS Series – December 2022
XLEe/XLTe – January 2022
XL15+ – January 2022