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Ethernet IP Remote IO Adaptor for Allen Bradley

Ethernet IP Remote IO Adaptor for Allen Bradley

This Ethernet IP Remote IO Adaptor is compatible with Allen Bradley automation HMI controllers. These remote input / output adaptors feature a local display to allow easy integration into your existing Allen Bradley PLC automation system. Not only are our Ethernet IP Adaptors in-stock and ready to ship, they are offered at a lower cost compared to Allen Bradley OEM input / output.


  • In-stock remote I/O units compatible with Allen Bradley HMI automation controllers
  • Universal, Flexible Input Channels
    • RTDs
    • Thermocouples (TC)
  • Low cost instrumentation with more flexibility
  • In-stock and ready to ship
  • Preprogrammed for easy plug-and-play setup – simply enter the IP address into your Allen Bradley PLC system to integrate an unlimited, expandable I/O

Ethernet IP Remote IO Adaptor

This Ethernet IP Remote IO adaptor offers numerous input channels and can monitor a wide range of instrumentation including RTDs, thermocouples, and more. In addition to being highly capable, these EthernetIP I/O modules offer unlimited expandable I/O, which means you can monitor a massive environment of instrumentation and equipment after connecting just one additional I/O adaptor.

Ethernet/IP I/O Coupler for Allen Bradley HMI