Cscape Envision RV

Cscape EnvisionRV (Remote View) is a low-cost, powerful Windows® based software application that will allows you to view and access remote Horner OCS controllers via a personal computer.


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With EnvisionRV Version 3.0 you can design high-resolution screens for any OCS controller (design larger screens than the OCS displays up to 1920 x 1200 pixels) in Cscape 9.10 and later and display them on the PC. You can connect to any OCS controller for the data…even a display-less RCS unit!

Graphical objects look and behave the same on the PC as they do on the OCS. This feature reduces training costs and can significantly speed up your implementations.


  • Real-time connectivity to OCS
  • 3 levels of security per screen
  • Transfer a project from Cscape to EnvisionRV with one click of the mouse
  • EnvisionRV’s project utility allows you to easily organize device files
  • User-selectable dockable or floating toolbars
  • Import Cscape .pgm files
  • Online web support with application engineers
  • New Features in Version 3.0
  • Up to 30x speed increase for CsCAN data transfers over version 2.0 (requires firmware update)
  • Use Cscape to configure data logging exactly like an OCS
  • Alarms can be configured on the PC just as they are on the OCS
  • Use your PC’s “Print Screen” button to send screens to a printer or a configurable register
  • Custom configurable graphic overlays. Add your custom overlay as a bitmap image

Pricing includes one PC locked copy on a USB Flash drive.