Cscape Envision FX

Cscape Envision FX


Product Overview

Cscape EnvisionFX (File Transfer) is a low-cost, Windows® based software application that allows you to easily transfer files between your PC and the XL, NX and QX series Operator Control Stations via a graphical interface.


EnvisionFX also uses the Horner CsCAN protocol to transfer files, giving you the flexibility to support various communications options including Ethernet, serial, wireless, telephone, CAN, and cellular.


  • Transfer files from OCS removable media such as MicroSD or CompactFlash without having to remove memory cards
  • Copy, move and rename local and remote files
  • Use the toolbar to copy and paste files or drag and drop files between windows
  • Project Manager allows you to define a set of sites and controllers for faster file transfers
  • Advanced scripting support allows for batch processing and scheduling automatic file transfers
  • Transfer recipe data, data logs, screen captures and more

EnvisionFX ships on a USB flash drive.