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XL10 Prime Series, PLC Automation Controller

XL10 Prime Series, PLC Automation Controller

The XL10 Prime OCS Series are all-in-one industrial control devices developed and manufactured by Horner Automation. These automation controllers combine control, user interface, I/O, and networking into a single, integrated package. All units feature a built-in logic engine, operator interface, networking, and a microSD slot supporting at least 32GB. Unique features of the XL10 Prime Series include:

  • bright, 65,536 color graphical touch sensing LCD display
  • display of complex graphical objects including trends, gauges, meters, and animations
  • very high-performance graphic processing
  • advanced control capabilities including floating point, multiple auto-tuning PID loops and string handling capabilities
  • removable media for storage of programs, data logging, or screen captures
  • CsCAN networking port for communication with remote I/O, other controllers, or PCs


  • high speed USB port for communication with PCs and programming of controller
  • configurable serial protocols for communication to drives, PLCs, or other serial peripherals
  • Full featured, built-in I/O including high resolution analog, thermocouple, RTD, high-speed counters, PWM outputs and relays (depending upon the XL10 PRIME OCS model used)
  • advanced high speed I/O capabilities
  • Cscape programming software that allows all aspects of the XL10 PRIME OCS to be programmed and configured from one integrated application
  • optional communication add-on modules
  • two onboard Ethernet ports (10/100Mbps) for Cscape programming and application defined communication, with Auto MDI/MDI-X.

The XL Prime Series features all-in-one automation controllers to perform all machine functions in a unified hardware design: Logic Control, Operator Interface, I/O, and Networking. This automation controller offers modern memory architecture based on a custom SOM (System on Module) designed by Horner Automation, which utilizes a powerful ARM microprocessor and 100% non- volatile memory for reliability. The high performance logic engine offers fast scan times solving user logic using Variable-based Advanced Ladder logic or the IEC 6-1131 language set.


Automation Controller with High Quality Graphics and Advanced Function

With online programming options, users can make logic changes without stopping the controller. The high resolution color touchscreen offers quality detail graphics and nearly instantaneous screen updates. Additionally, the XL10 Prime Series has four built-in high speed counters supporting frequencies over 500 kHz. This automation controller also features plug-and-play data logging capable of machine recording and can process variables to microSD or USB Flash Drive. Industrial ethernet and remote control functions include:

  • Ethernet IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • BACnet IP
  • FTP file transfer
  • email
  • WebMI* for web-based remote monitoring
  • MQTT* Sparkplug for pushing data to the cloud
  • Horner App – the first automation app to give customers the ability to access all WebOCS enabled controllers with their iOS or Android phone or tablet

*WebMI and MQTT require a one-time license

User-Friendly Touch Screen HMI Operation Interface

  • 640×480 LCD TFT color graphics display with a high resolution resistive touchscreen
  • 5 function keys and a system key
  • USB 2.0 On-the-Go port (mini-B 5pin) is available for programming
  • USB 2.0 Host port (A) is available for exchanging files with USB FLASH drives
  • Two (2) RS-232 / RS-485 ports support RTU / Modbus Commander / Responder (Master/Slave), ASCII In/Out, and PLC / Drive downloadable protocols
Built-in Networking Features
  • logic engine features 1MB of application memory with a 0.02mS/K logic scan
  • online programming mode for making logic changes on the fly without going through stop mode
  • two built-in 10/100 Ethernet port
  • two integrated CAN ports that support CsCAN and either CANopen, J1939, or DeviceNet Scanner simultaneously

XL10 Prime Series Automation Controller Model Line Up

Controller Model Configuration
HE-XPV1E0 No built-in I/O
HE-XPV1E2 12 DC in, 6 Relay Out, 4 – 12-bit Analog In
HE-XPV1E3 12 DC in, 12 DC Out, 2 – 12-bit Analog In
HE-XPV1E4 24 DC in, 16 DC Out, 2 – 12-bit Analog In
HE-XPV1E5 12 DC in, 12 DC Out, 2 – 14/16-bit Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 2 – 12-bit Analog Out
HE-XPV1E6 12 DC in, 12 DC Out, 6 – 14/17-bit Analog In (mA/V/Tc/mV/RTD), 4 – 12-bit Analog Out
NOTE: Up To six mA/V In, mA/V RTD/Tc, and mA/V Out
Special Order*
Part Number Extension Description
-10  Thermistor option. Add -10 to the part number for Thermistor support for Analog Inputs 1 & 2. Models 2, 3, and 4 only.
-14 Thermistor option. Add -14 to the part number for (4) Channel Thermistor support. Model 2 only.
-602 Screw type I/O terminals. Replaces spring type terminals. Model 6 only.
*Not available for purchase on the web store. Please call for product availability. Lead time on special order products is 4-6 weeks.


Ladder Logic Memory 2 MB
Logic Scan Rate 0.02 mS/K
Removable Memory microSD
Local Comment Storage Yes
Floating Point Support Yes
AutoTune PID Capable Yes
Operator Interface
Characters / Pixels 640×480 (450 nit typical)
Display Technology 10.4” VGA TFT Color
Character Height selectable fonts
Number of Pages 1023
Fields or Objects per Page 1023
Total Keys 8
Function Keys 7
OEM Faceplate Available Yes
Input / Output (I/O)
Built-in I/O Points 22-44
SmartStix, SmartRail, SmartBlock I/O Support yes, CsCAN and Ethernet
Digital Inputs / Outputs, max 2048 / 2048
Analog Inputs / Outputs, max 512 / 512
General Purpose Registers (words) 50000
General Purpose Internal Coils (bits) 32768 (16384 retentive)
Ethernet / Internet
Ethernet Support Standard, 2 Ports
Remote Access WebMI, HTTP, or EnvisionRV
Remote File Access FTP or EnvisionFX
IIoT Support MQTT (Sparkplug)
Serial Communications
Total Active Ports 3
RS-232 Ports / RS-485 Ports RS-232 & RS-485; RS-232 / RS-485
PLC / Drive Protocols Yes
RTU / Modbus Commander / Responder (Master / Slave) Yes
Serial ASCII In / Out Yes
USB Ports (A and Mini-B) Yes
Integrated CAN Networks 2
Supported CAN Networks CsCAN, CANopen, J1939, and DeviceNet Master (layer 3 as a selectable option)
Maximum CAN Distance 500m per segment, 4 segments maximum
Programming over CAN        CsCAN only
Supported CAN Protocols CsCAN plus one of the following: CANopen, DeviceNet Master (layer-3 as a selectable option – one only), SAE J1939
Physical Dimensions
Height 9.08″ / 231 mm
Width 11.94″ / 304 mm
Depth 2.43″ / 62 mm
I/O Module Depth COM option adds 1.08″ / 27.40 mm
Operating Standards
Operating Temperature -10 to 60°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C
Humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 95%
Product Certifications / Approvals UL Class I Div II, CE
Environmental Rating UL Type 1, 3R, 4, 4x, 12, 12k, 13