FLUIDAT Upgrade: Calculating Fluid Properties

FLUIDAT Upgrade: Calculating Fluid Properties

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For over two decades the FLUIDAT database and FLUIDAT on the Net website have been a unique and powerful source for calculations of fluid properties. The FLUIDAT routines allow for the calculation of gas and liquid conversion factors and configuration of Bronkhorst instruments.

Per December 13th we will update the FLUIDAT database with additional data for the existing gases. Next to this, we have added fluid data of almost 1000 fluids by using data from a number of additional sources, resulting in 1800+ available fluids in FLUIDAT. At the same time we have corrected some calculation routines for more accurate calculations; e.g. the implementation of a more accurate water density formula (as already in use for the (mini) CORI-FLOW series) and improvement of certain routines for mixtures, which could not calculate some gas mixtures near the vapour pressure. To make it easier to identify individual fluids, CAS numbers are added to the fluid database.

Additionally, EL-FLOW Prestige instruments will get a firmware upgrade (v2.02b) using the same calculation routines and data sources as used for FLUIDAT on the Net. Since this FLUIDAT-on-board calculates with more accurate data for normal/standard density compared to the currently used calculation routine, the outcome of some fluid capacities may differ slightly from existing instruments.

Next to this, with the new firmware the on-board available gases are now extended from 25 to 100 unique gases including any mixture of maximum 5 of these gases, resulting in the most comprehensive gas list on-board an MFM/MFC and thus more flexibility for the user.

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