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Low Flow Control Valve

Low Flow Control Valve

A flow control valve can be furnished as an integral part of a mass flow controller, a pressure controller, or as a separate component in combination with a Bronkhorst gas flow or liquid flow or pressure meters. These proportional, electromagnetic control valves feature fast and smooth control characteristics. With reference to the specific fields of application, there are different series of unique control valves.


  • Direct acting flow control valve
  • Vary-P valves
  • Pilot-operated valves
  • Pressure compensated bellow valves
  • Liquid flow valves
  • Manual control valves


Low Flow Control Valve for Gases

Flow control valve F-001 / F-011 are suitable for low flow rates (up to approx. 50 ln/min N2-equivalent) with pressure ratings up to 64 resp. 100 bar. The F-001 valve module is also used as pilot valve in bigger valves and controllers. F-021 is a direct acting control valve for high pressure applications up to 200 bar.

  • Flow up to approx. 50 ln/min
  • Pressure up to 64/100/200 bar
  • Kv-max: 6.6 x 10-2

High Pressure Flow Control Valve for Gases

F-033 / F-042 2-phase flow control valve for applications with high differential pressures, up to 400 bar and a maximum operating pressure of 400 resp. 700 bar. These unique valves feature a pressure compensation mechanism, maintaining a constant pressure difference of 4 bar across the flow control section. By doing so both the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure may change without having any impact on the Vary-P valve function.

  • Flow up to approx. 100 ln/min
  • Pressure up to 400/700 bar
  • For high (differential) pressures applications

Control Valves for Low Pressure Drop Applications

These are direct acting control valves similar to the F-001 series. Also, they are closed by spring force. A bellows compensates the closing force acting on the plunger to such a degree that only a very small magnetic force is required and in this way large orifices can be opened, which is impossible in the F-001 design as it would cause oscillation. The bellows pressure compensated design, however, enables us to smoothly control large flows at extremely low pressures.

  • Flow up to approx. 1000 ln/min
  • For low (differential) pressure applications
  • Kv: 0.03…1.0

Liquid Flow Control Valves

Bronkhorst mass flow meters for liquids can be connected to a control valve to form a closed control loop. The standard direct acting valve, model C2I, is normally closed, has a pressure capability of 100 bar (1500 psi) and a purge connection for easy elimination of air or gas.

For liquid flow applications with higher flow rates and pressure rating up to 100 bar, Bronkhorst designed the control valve model C5I, however this control valve may also be used for gas flow applications.

C2I and C5I control valves are directly operated by a magnetic coil with IP65 (weatherproof) housing and are closed when de-energized (Normally Closed). Depending on flow rate and fluid the liquid flow control valves allows a pressure drop of max. 5 to 40 bar (d).

  • Direct acting valve
  • Pressure rating 64/100 bar
  • Kv-max: 6.6 x 10-2

FLOW-CONTROL Series – Manual Control Valves with Pressure Compensation

The new FLOW-CONTROL manual control valves are designed for extremely precise control of a constant flow rate in low flow gas and liquid applications. The desired flow rate is set via the needle valve. Any upstream or discharge pressure variations are automatically compensated by a built-in membrane operated valve to ensure a steady, constant flow. Thanks to its thought-out design and construction, these instrument models do not require any electrical power source.

The manual constant-flow control series is available in 4 different models to control flow capacities in a range from 0.02 ln/min up to 50 ln/min (N2-equivalent) and 3 up to 1,800 ml/min for water. While process connections are optional available, the in-line valve assemblies are equipped with G 1/4” BSPP female in- and outlet ports.

FLOW-ADJUST Series – Manual Control Valves

The FLOW-ADJUST manual control valves are designed for extremely precise control in low flow gas and liquid applications. The manual control valves are available in two standard resolution (SR) and five high resolution (HR) models offering a smooth control of gas or liquid flow. The standard resolution needle valves cover the two highest flow ranges whereas the high resolution valves cover the lower gas and liquid flow ranges.

The FLOW-ADJUST series control the flow of gas and liquids which are compatible with the wetted parts specified on the product pages. Kv ranges from 2.7×10-4 to 9.0×10-2 (Cv equivalent 3.2×10-4 to 1.05×10-1) are available in 7 different models as in-line valve assemblies with G 1/4” BSPP female inlet and outlet ports.

  • Flow up to 40 ln/min
  • For liquids and gases
  • Standard or high resolution
  • Kv: 9.0 x 10-2