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PSC6000 Operation Controller with Touch Screen HMI

PSC6000 Operation Controller with Touch Screen HMI

The PSC6000 Operation Controller is a Flow Control System developed by Process Solutions Corp. This device is used to control flow meters and controllers, heat tracers, and other instrumentation required in liquid or gas low flow applications. Using a built-in 10 inch touch screen HMI, users can easily control flow processes by setting flow rates, temperatures, etc. And it is capable of controlling up to four flow meters and controllers at one time, or more with expandable I/O.


The PSC6000 flow control system is preprogrammed with standard features, making this a great plug-and-play option for manufacturers, universities and research or analytical labs, food and beverage producers, cosmetic and pharmaceutical production, and more. Since there is no programming required, this operation controller is ideal for users with little or no programming experience. In addition to standard features, our engineers can program custom parameters and functions on the PSC6000 Operations Controller, depending on specific customer and application requirements. Standard features include:

  • flow rate
  • totalizer
  • set point
  • batch operations
  • easy to access connections

Ethernet Enabled Flow Control System

In addition to including both digital and analog output options, the built-in HMI is ethernet enabled, which allows remote access and monitoring along with data logging. Moreover, this flow control system is equipped with a USB port and Micro SD card slot, so you can save your process data at any time. The touch screen interface offers 640×480 high-resolution resistive touch and is programmed to be user-friendly. Also, it includes 32,000 colors and support for multiple

The PSC6000 uses Modbus to communicate with and control flow instrumentation such as flow meters and controllers manufactured by Bronkhorst. Our most popular choice is the Mini CORI-FLOW, which a compact, highly accurate Coriolis flow meter that is capable of handling both gas or liquid flows. Also available is the Mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series, which is suitable for hazardous areas.


Uses of the PSC6000 Operation Controller

Since it features numerous data logging functions, the PSC6000 is ideal for low flow processes that require record keeping. In addition to helping minimize waste of raw materials, this operations controller is great for optimizing low flow applications, including continuous flow processes. Also, with Batch Operation programming built-in, this flow control unit is sure to keep production consistent between batches and helps when scaling batch size.

Applications Requiring Precise Low Flow Process Control