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OxyPro, Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

OxyPro, Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

The OxyPro is a life-critical oxygen deficiency monitoring device that continuously measures O2 in the atmosphere to ensure safe working conditions in confined spaces. It provides local alarming as well as remote monitoring of low oxygen levels. Built for longevity and accuracy, our oxygen deprivation monitor uses a non-consumable paramagnetic sensor, the Paracube® from Servomex-Hummingbird, to detect oxygen concentration. It is an advanced alternative to oxygen detectors that use fuel cells, which deplete over time. Using a paramagnetic oxygen detector eliminates routine maintenance, frequent calibrations, and false alarms in exchange for increased safety, reliability, and lower lifetime cost of ownership.

  • industry leading linearity and accuracy
  • non-depleting paramagnetic sensor
  • no cell replacement required
  • low O2 and fault alarms
  • remote interface, live monitoring
  • fast single point calibration
  • easy integration via 4-20mA, RJ45, and/or switches
  • wall-mount or desktop models available, customizable to fit your requirements
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The OxyPro is an industrial oxygen deficiency monitor that detects O2 levels in the atmosphere using a non-consumable oxygen sensor. Since paramagnetic oxygen detectors do not require fuel cells, routine maintenance, labor, parts costs, and calibrations are significantly reduced or even eliminated in exchange for an increase in safety and reliability.

This paramagnetic sensor leads the industry in accuracy, linearity, and reliability over traditional cell-based technologies. Paired with our color, touchscreen user interface, the OxyPro innovates easy control and remote data management. Thus, it creates a powerful, yet affordable oxygen detector, while increasing safety. The OxyPro is available in table top, wall-mount, and rack-mount versions.

  • industrial oxygen detector / breathable air monitor
  • no cell replacement required
  • internal orientation compensation
  • fault alarm via mA jam to 0mA
  • remote interface, live monitoring
  • fast adjustable response and operating parameters
  • easy integration via isolated 4-20 mA output with linear measurement

All-in-One Paramagnetic Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

paramagnetic oxygen detector

The OxyPro breathable air monitor from Process Solutions Corp. uses the Paracube Micro oxygen sensor from Servomex Hummingbird Sensing Technology, which provides easy use and also minimal maintenance. Paramagnetic sensors, such as the Paracube, rely on weak magnetic forces to detect the concentration of oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere. Moreover, paramagnetic oxygen sensors are a low-maintenance, non-depleting alternative to traditional oxygen detectors since they do not rely on electrochemical, galvanic, or fuel cells that need frequent replacement and calibration. Thus, the OxyPro ensures unprecedented levels of safety and performance while reducing cost of lifetime ownership.

  • range: 0-25% O2
  • linearity: less than ± 0.2% O2
  • repeatability: less than ± 0.3% O2
  • update time: less than 1/2 second
  • 2 x SPCO relays, alarm 1, alarm 2, fault
  • ethernet or Modbus TCP
  • suitable for indoor use for temperatures from 41 to 113˚F
  • light wall-mount, rack-mount, or table top design for easy installation

Superior Design and Performance of the OxyPro Oxygen Depletion Monitor

Our paramagnetic sensor offers innovative life-safety performance while eliminating false readings and false alarms caused by depleting cells in traditional oxygen detector technologies. Advanced Magneto-Dynamic technology also offers unprecedented performance and reliability. Additionally, the microprocessor based diagnostics are safe, reliable, and easy to access. By delivering outstanding performance from a new compact unit, the Micro’s ‘next-generation’ design ethos offers a degree of system integration, flexibility, compliance, and also reliability that is currently unrivaled in the OEM oxygen sensor market.

  • non-depleting paramagnetic sensor
  • industry leading linearity and accuracy
  • quality equipment at a low cost to own
  • standard wall-mount or desktop models available, but it’s also customizable to fit your requirements

Breathable Air Monitors for Increased Safety

Uses for OxyPro Industrial Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

Industrial oxygen deprivation monitors measure available oxygen in the atmosphere to ensure there’s enough breathable oxygen to survive. So they are commonly found in laboratories, gas processing facilities, hospitals and medical facilities, and in other life critical or otherwise confined space environments.


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