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PLC Training Unit

PLC Training Unit

The PLC Training Unit from Process Solutions Corp. is a fully functional automation controller designed as a training unit for use in teaching operators and technicians about PLC control and programming. This PLC Training Unit is built with an HMI controller and includes both analog and digital inputs with switches for on/off status, a thermocouple, 4-20mA current input, 0-10DC voltage input, a 10k potentiometer, Modbus communication, and WebMI.

This PLC Training Unit introduces users to ladder logic software and allows users to create programs based on the components built-in to the training unit. Programs and labs can be downloaded to the trainer for an interactive experience without the risk of altering live automation systems.

  • using ladder logic and function blocks
  • test programs without interfering with existing operations
  • create GUI screens and graphics
  • communication such as CsCAN, Ethernet, Modbus, and WebMI
  • PID control setup


The PLC Training Unit from Process Solutions Corp. is a fully functional automation controller training unit designed to assist in training operators and technicians about HMI control and programming. This PLC Training Unit is built into a Pelican case for portability and safe keeping. The included HMI controller can receive both analog and digital inputs, offers analog and digital outputs, and includes space for expandable I/O. Signal conditioning units are included with the PLC Training Unit to enable Modbus communication to teach users on the basics of signal conditioning devices. The integrated power supply allows easy powering through a standard 120 V outlet.

Learn to Use Automation Controllers and Ladder Logic

The PLC Training Unit includes a built-in EXL6 HMI controller, from Horner Automation, and allows users to become familiar with Cscape – Horner’s ladder logic software. This training unit allows users to interact with Cscape software and create programs based on the built-in components of the training unit. Users can even download programs and labs directly to the trainer for an interactive experience. Some of the things that users can learn with this trainer are:

  • train employees to use ladder logic
  • test programs without having to use your existing, live system
  • connect a Horner OCS to Cscape
  • basic OCS configuration
  • create a screen and graphics for Horner OCS
  • function blocks in ladder logic programming
  • communication protocols such as CsCAN, Ethernet, and Modbus
  • using Cscape to setup a universal transmitter
  • WebMI setup
  • PID control setup on Horner OCS

PLC Training Unit with Built-in Analog and Digital Inputs

Analog inputs come from the trainer’s thermocouple, 4-20mA current input, 0-10DC voltage input, and a 10k potentiometer. All analog inputs (except the thermocouple) have a knob that can be twisted to manually change their input. Digital inputs to the controller come from the built-in 12 switches (numbered 1 to 12) on the front of the trainer and the on/off status is represented by 12 green LEDs, 1 for each of the switches. A universal transmitter equipped with a 4511 interface, from PR Electronics, is connected to the controller to enable Modbus communication.

Digital outputs for each of the digital inputs are represented by 12 red LEDs. Outputs associated with the 4-20 mA current and 0-10 DC voltage analog inputs can be viewed on their digital displays. Additional inputs and outputs can be integrated into the training unit using external input / output modules such as the Smartblock I/O.


This trainer’s main task is to familiarize users with the Horner-based ladder logic software, Cscape. The trainer has been setup in a way that allows users to interact with the Cscape software, as well as have the users create programs based on the trainer’s components. You can download the programs and labs you make onto the trainer and find it to be an interactive experience.

PLC Training Unit Helps Users Better Understand its Mechanics

Included with this PLC Training Unit is a schematic displaying how the trainer is wired together. Additionally, photos of the PLC trainer and its wiring are available for reference. The PLC Training Unit includes a power supply unit from PULS, which allows it to be plugged into any standard 120 V outlet. To deter overheating of the training unit, there is a steel attachment on the front (in the shape of a rectangular prism), which helps disperse heat from the heat blanket. A fan is positioned beneath the rectangular prism to cool the steel as it’s warmed by the heat blanket.