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Wireless Temperature Monitoring Transmitter

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Transmitter

These single point temperature monitoring devices provide reliable, accurate, and economical temperature data acquisition and transmission in a single self-contained, self-powered unit. The captured data then wirelessly transmits it to SCADA systems, PLC, DCS, or to the cloud. In areas where AC power is limited or unavailable, the use of these single point temperature monitoring and transmitting devices allows economical acquisition and timely utilization of important physical property data.

These devices are available in thermocouple (Types J, K, etc.) or RTD design with operating ranges as defined by the specific application and have a self transmitting range of 3/4 mile (1.2 km). For longer transmission distance requirements, the use of IIoTTTI Intelligent Repeaters expands the effective range to 7 miles (11.3 km). For off-site transmission of critical data, the use of other methods can be incorporated into the data integration system. Due to the frequency used, these transmitters are ideal for remote or obscured areas as they can dynamically change their signal to ensure communication remains constant.

  • available in thermocouple or RTD designs
  • wireless transmission and integration of temperature data
  • ideal for obstructed, congested, and remote areas
  • advanced temperature sensor technology means reliable and economical surface and thermowell readings


  • self-contained and self-powered temperature monitoring transmitters
  • signal transmission up to 7 miles with repeaters
  • data logging and integration to the cloud, DCS, SCADA, PLC, etc.
  • solar powered options with battery back-up

Remote Monitoring with a Wireless Temperature Transmitter

Our unique wireless temperature monitoring transmitters are ideal for monitoring, transmitting, and integrating temperature data across your facility, to offsite destinations, and beyond. IIoT Technology Innovations, Inc. (IIoTTTI) resistive temperature (RTD) or thermocouple (Types J, K, etc.) designs provide reliable, accurate, and economical temperature monitoring and data transmission from equipment in areas that are cost prohibitive or unrealistic for hard wired solutions.

We offer a totally wireless solution for capturing, transmitting, and integrating temperature data economically throughout a plant, across the continent, or around the globe. The performance, reliability, integrity, and service life of IIoTTTI devices, in some of the most rigorous and congested environments, have proven unparalleled in the industry.

Common Uses of Wireless Temperature Monitoring Transmitters

Typical applications for IIoTTI temperature monitoring devices include pipelines, tanks or vessels, equipment surfaces or internals, storage areas or buildings, process areas, control panels, etc.

Advanced Wireless Data Transmission via Frequency Hopping


Frequency hopping provides redundancy to reduce risk of losing a signal to interference or reception because its unique spread spectrum data transmission technique. This minimizes the effects of walls, structures, and terrain of the signal, which means these transmitters work well even in obscured areas. It also allows data to be secure on both the sending and receiving ends of the process.

These “Data Packets” are transmitted via a “Transmit Only” device in a binary format and the packet is then received and processed into our “Receive Only” Device that is integrated in our Serial Data Processing Unit. After, the data is deciphered into something that is meaningful that correlates to our data base, which is preconfigured at the factory with the field instruments.