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NIVOFLIP Bypass Liquid Level Indicator

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NIVOFLIP Bypass Liquid Level Indicator

NIVOFLIP is a bypass level indicator for pressurized vessels with up to 5.5 m (~18 ft) flange distance containing liquids. The device has international PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) approval, so it can be used for level indication of pressurized vessels up to 100 bar (1450 psi) process pressure. The high temperature models are applicable up to 482˚F (250˚C) process temperature. NIVOFLIP is often paired with other level instrumentation such as optional limit switches or with NIVOTRACK high-precision magnetostrictive level transmitter from NIVELCO if level transmission is needed.


  • operation without power supply
  • clearly visible display
  • stainless steel bypass chamber
  • ±0.4″ accuracy
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • HazLoc ratings:
    • explosion-proof models
    • PED certificate
    • ATEX (Ex d e m Gb)
    • ATEX (Ex h Ga/Gb)

NIVOFLIP Bypass Liquid Level Indicator

The NIVOFLIP is a bypass level indicator manufactured by NIVELCO and is commonly paired with other level instrumentation such as switches and transmitters. The fluid level in the bypass chamber is the same as in the tank. The welded bypass chamber and the tank form one pressurized system, so the float containing a magnet rises and descends with the fluid level. The properly polarized magnet in the float topples the two-toned plates with the colored magnetic caps through the stainless steel tube’s wall, indicating the fluid level. The plates with different color codes on the 100 mm (3.94″) under the lower stem provide a visual error message when fluid levels drop below the instrument’s lower connecting point.

Using NIVOFLIP with Level Switches and Level Transmitters

NIVOFLIP bypass liquid level indicator can be equipped with positionable external level switches to provide level limit switching. For level switches, the minimal liquid density should exceed the default value specified in the data sheet by 0.1 kg/dm3. For jobs requiring more accuracy than that of the magnetic flaps, high precision NIVOTRACK M–500 magnetostrictive level transmitters are recommended for use. Equipped with OIML R 85 certified NIVOTRACK, the measurement system is suitable for custody transfer measurements. The floatless rigid probe magnetostrictive transmitter can be mounted externally to the bypass chamber with clamps.

All optional units are operated via magnetic coupling, there is no direct contact with the measured material. The MAK−100 model magnetic level switches are optional accessories for NIVOFLIP bypass level indicators. The float in the stainless steel bypass tube follows the level of the measured liquid. The float (permanent magnet) operates the positionable MAK−100 level switch via magnetic coupling and provides a non-contact signal transfer to the switch. There should be at least 100 mm (~4″) distance between two switching points.

Using NIVELCO NIVOTRACK Level Transmitter with NIVOFLIP Level Indicator


NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitters are an ideal solution for high accuracy measurement of liquids. Its high precision, 0.1 mm or 1 mm (0.004″ or 0.04″) resolution, renders the NIVOTRACK suitable even for custody transfer measurement of liquids such as fuels, solvents, alcohol derivatives, etc. When ordered with the NIVOFLIP Magnetic Level Indicator, magnetostrictive transmitters are factory calibrated to the bypass tube and the magnetic float. The transmitter is fixed with pipe clamps and aluminum spacers.

The length of the magnetostrictive level transmitter’s probe should be 300 / 400 mm (11.8 / 15.75″) longer than the center to center distance of the bypass tube, depending on float type. The level transmitter is placed onto the bypass tube so that the top of the magnetostrictive probe is at the same height as the bypass tube’s top. The end of the probe should extend the inverse polarized error indication flaps with 20 / 40 mm (0.78 / 1.57″).

The supplied aluminum spacers are fixed with hex socket set screws and they are mounted to the bypass tube with pipe clamps. In case of the high temperature models, there is a ceramic fiber insulation blanket between the magnetostrictive probe and the bypass tube. High temperature versions have ceramic fiber insulator fabric between the bypass tube and the probe of the level transmitter.


Flange Distance 1.65-18 ft
Process Temperature -76 to 482˚F
Medium Density 0.6 specific gravity
Process Pressure max. 1450 psig
Process Connection DIN, ANSI flanges
Approvals PED, ATEX

NIVOFLIP Model Line Up


Common Uses of NIVOFLIP Bypass Liquid Level Indicator