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DEHNguard S

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DEHNguard S

  • Multi-purpose surge arrester consisting of a base part and a plug-in protection module
  • High discharge capacity due to heavy-duty zinc oxide varistor
  • High reliability due to “Thermo Dynamic Control” SPD monitoring device
  • Energy coordination with other arresters of the Red/Line product family
  • Operating state / fault indication by green / red indicator flag in the inspection window
  • Narrow (modular) design acc. to DIN 43880
  • Multifunctional terminals for connecting conductors and busbars
  • Easy replacement of protection modules due to module locking system with module release button
  • Vibration and shock-tested according to EN 60068-2


The universal features characterise the single-pole devices of the DEHNguard S product family. Whether as a single device or in combination with other devices – DEHNguard S surge arresters always provide adequate protection. The modern Red/Line family design and its universal features ensure safety and easy application for the user. The module release button and the approved “Thermo Dynamic Control” SPD monitoring device with dual tripping performance characterise the devices of the DEHNguard S series.

Decades of experience in the world market of surge arresters has further improved the latest DEHNguard generation compared to the previous devices.

The unique module locking system fixes the protection module to the base part. Neither vibration during transport nor the enormous forces of discharge can loosen this connection. Nevertheless, the modules can be easily replaced without tools by simply pressing the easy-to-use module release button of the protection modules.

Every base part and protection module is mechanically coded to guard against installing an incorrect module.

As with all DEHNguard surge arresters, the user of DEHNguard S can rely on the dual “Thermo Dynamic Control” SPD monitoring device which ensures a maximum degree of safety, even under harsh environmental conditions in the world market. The green and red indicator flags shows the operating state of DEHNguard S surge arresters. Apart from this standard visual indication, DEHNguard S … FM features a three-pole remote signalling terminal. As the remote signalling contact is designed as a floating changeover contact, the remote signal can, depending on the circuit concept, be used as a make or break contact. The multifunctional terminals of DEHNguard S surge arresters are suitable for connecting conductors and busbars, allowing easy wiring with other DIN rail mounted devices. Thus, a wide range of applications can be easily connected in series according to IEC 60364-5-53 for optimal protection.