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E-8000 Series, Digital Readout and Flow Control Unit

E-8000 Series, Digital Readout and Flow Control Unit

The E-8000 Series from Bronkhorst is a read out display and flow control unit for digital Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, Pressure Meters and Controllers, and other transmitters and transducers with RS-232 communication. The E-8000 Series has one or two color TFT displays per module for indication of measured / totalized values and a push button menu to easily enable the user to change the setpoint, reset the counter value, select another fluid, and many other functions.


Multichannel Configurations for Flow Control

The modular design of the E-8000 Series, a digital readout and flow control unit, allows easy to assemble, multichannel configurations in 1/2 19” and 19” housings. And this unit is best for either rack mount or table top setups. The exact number of channels to be served with one (1/2 19”) or two (19”) power supplies depends on the type of instruments (meters and controllers) to be connected. But for most applications, one power supply can serve at least four channels.

Flow Control Unit for Gas Flows, Vapor Flows, Ex-Proof Flows, and PID-Controllers

For Controlled Evaporation Mixing (CEM) Systems, a single channel module for temperature control can be integrated into a 1-channel cassette and 1/2 19” or 19” housings. Also, Bronkhorst offers dedicated modules for Ex-Proof instruments and configurations with third party sensors or actuators requiring a PID controller. These modules are all available with or without display and with various fieldbus options.

Technical Properties and Specifications

1- or 2-channel table top housing (1 module)
1- or 2-channel cassette for panel mounting (1 module)
½ 19” table top housing (max. 3 modules)
½ 19” rack housing (max. 3 modules)
19” table top housing (max. 6 modules)
19” rack housing (max. 6 modules)
As an option, 1/2 19” and 19” housings can be supply with front
handles or carrying handles
Mains voltage 100…240 Vac (50…60 Hz)
Output signal/setpoint signal – Digital: FLOW-BUS (RS-485) or RS-232
Options for CEM, Ex-Proof, and PID controller modules: PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, DeviceNet, Modbus, or EtherCAT interface
Subminiature D-connector socket for RS-232 instrument connection
RJ45-connection for FLOW-BUS communication
Power supply capacity +24 Vdc, 1.25 A (30 W)

Typical Flow Control Process Configurations

Blind Power Supply
The model key for this typical example is E-8501-0-0A

By means of a blind power supply module, one or two instruments can be powered (total power consumption max. 30 W).

Instrument Terminal

Via RS232, one or two instruments can be hooked up per module.

The model key for this typical example is E-8501-0-2A
FLOW-BUS Terminal

FLOW-BUS is a fieldbus designed by Bronkhorst that’s based on RS485 technology. It enables digital communication between digital devices, offering the possibility of host-control by PC, PSC 6194 Flow Control System, PSC Controlled Evaporation System, or digital R/C-module (E-8000 or BRIGHT). Below, the examples show two instruments with integrated FLOW-BUS interface in a bus configuration with an E-8000 module.

The model key for this typical example is E-8501-R-20

Below you will find a FLOW-BUS set-up with 6 Mass Flow Meters.

The model key for this example is E-8101-R-20-20-20

Alternatively, only one display can be used to readout these instrument sequentially. The model key for this option is E-8101-R-10-00-00.

Typical Controlled Evaporation System Configurations

CEM System, RS232 Setup

The following hook-up drawing illustrates a typical example of a stand-alone Controlled Evaporation Mixing (CEM) System. Consisting of a Mass Flow Meter for liquid (e.g. water or a precursor for humidification purposes), a Mass Flow Controller for carrier gas, and a mixing device with subsequent heater element. The E-8000 unit powers the three devices and communicates via RS232.

The model number for this example is E-8103-0- 1WATU-1A-1A
CEM System, Fieldbus Setup

The set-up below illustrates a Controlled Evaporator System (CEM System) using fieldbus. Here, the devices hook-up to a PROFIBUS network.

The model number for the PS/ Readout in this illustration is E-8507-P-1WATU

E-8000 Series Flow Control System for Ex-Proof Instruments

For applications with Ex-Proof instruments, the set-up is generally the same as indicated above. The Ex-Proof module (X) contains a barrier to separate the intrinsically safe signals from the safe zone. And it can be combined with additional functionality to control an XB-valve (R) or an XC-valve (S). Also, with the digital fieldbus, it’s possible to add the Ex-Proof module as a Responder (Slave) in a digital network. The Ex-Proof model is a single cassette with Ex-Proof Mass Flow Meter and PROFINET protocol. It does not feature a power supply, display, or actuator.

  • 0-5 Vdc output
  • 15-20 mA sourcing sensor input
  • Same setup as above (CEM)
  • Additional character for Ex-Proof and actuator
Hook Up Example of Ex-Proof, Hazardous Location Flow Control Unit

E-8000 with PID Controller

For applications with external sensors and external actuators, you can select a module with an integrated PID controller. So, it combines excellent PID control with the possibility to connect third party sensors and third party actuators. Additionally, this unit features a single cassette, power supply, MODBUS, one display, and PID controller.

  • 0-5 Vdc set point and output
  • 0-10 Vdc sensor input
  • 3.6-21 mA (third party actuator)
  • Same setup as above (CEM)
  • Additional characters for PID (C), sensor input, actuator
Hook Up Example of E-8000 Series with PID Controller