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BRIGHT Series, Flow Readout and Control Module

BRIGHT Series, Flow Readout and Control Module

The BRIGHT Series are Flow Readout and Control (R/C) modules for digital Mass Flow and Pressure Meters and Controllers that provide local indication of the actual flow rate and/or totalized fluid consumption. The BRIGHT Series from Bronkhorst features a modern, color, TFT display for indication of measured / totalized value, easy push-button operation i.e. change of setpoint, counter reset, fluid selection, etc. This R/C module can mount directly on the flow meter or controller, on an adjacent wall or panel, or on the instrument’s pipework.


  • Indication, operation, and configuration of:
    • measured value (direct or %)
    • setpoint
    • totalized flow
    • fluid / tag number
    • control characteristics
    • fieldbus settings
  • Bright, wide angle, 1.8″ display with TFT technology
  • User friendly operation, menu driven with 4 push buttons
  • Programmable alarm functions (min/max, response, counter)
  • Fluid selection (up to 8 fluids / curves stored in Mass Flow Meter or Mass Flow Controller
  • Mounting on instrument or, using optional mounting kit, on wall, panel, or pipework
  • for lab style or industrial style (IP65) instruments

Uses of BRIGHT Series Flow Readout Unit and Controller

The design of the R/C-module offers a modern, economical alternative for peripheral flow readout and control electronics and features integrated power supply. Furthermore, it should comply with the demand for local indication of the actual flow-rate and/or totalized fluid consumption. So, the module not only allows reading of actual and total flow simultaneously, but also features local operation. Thus, change of setpoint, counter reset, setting engineering units, fluid name and tag number, etc can all be modified on the BRIGHT Series. Four push-buttons at the right side of the device give access to a user- friendly menu. And the bright 1.8” color TFT-display is clearly visible over a wide angle.

Made to Order Flow Instrumentation

Bronkhorst flow instrumentation is made to customer specification and is available in various styles. Our flow meters and controllers are suitable for use in laboratories, industrial use, and even some in hazardous areas. Additionally included in our diverse application portfolio is semiconductor manufacturinganalytical installations, fuel cell research, and many more. The BRIGHT Series compact flow readout and control modules can be used for local indication and operation of much of Bronkhorst’s instrumentation.

BRIGHT R/C Series Mounting and Models

The weatherproof (IP65) housing of select models makes the module suitable for use in industrial areas. Here, the module can be mounted on the instrument, or using the mounting kit, it can be mounted directly on an adjacent wall, panel, or on the pipework.

BRIGHT B1 IP40 Readout and Control module, mounting on instrument
BRIGHT B2 IP40 Readout and Control combined with a mounting kit, remote mounting
BRIGHT B3 IP65 Readout and Control, mounting on instrument
BRIGHT B4 IP65 Readout and Control combined with a mounting kit, remote mounting
Mounting Examples