Bronkhorst Flow Meters and Controllers

Our Bronkhorst Flow Instrumentation includes thermal, Coriolis, ultrasonic, vortex, and magnetic flow meters and controllers for low flow gas, liquid, and vapor flow applications. Common low flow applications include use in research and analytical laboratories, in manufacturing processes, and more. We also develop customer specific low flow control solutions, e.g. multifunctional and pretested modules or skids and plug-and-play flow control systems. Our most popular prepackaged solutions include liquid dosing systems and controlled evaporation systems.

Coriolis flow meters and controllers are designed to be easily retrofitted where traditional thermal mass flow controllers are currently used. This means that the CORI-FLOW Series of flow instrumentation offers the same footprint, features, and electrical options for analog and fieldbus communication as Bronkhorst thermal flow instrumentation. Compared to thermal mass flow controllers, flow controllers based on the Coriolis principle are more accurate, faster, and offer independence from fluid properties.

The mini CORI-FLOW Series features state-of-the-art digital technology, offering fieldbus interface options and additional functions such as totalization and alarms. These Coriolis flow instruments can be tuned according to customer requirements using the RS232 / fieldbus interface.

Unlike many other Coriolis flow meters on the market, the CORI-FLOW Series offers integrated PID control and close-coupled control valves or pumps, thus constituting very compact, cost and space-saving, precise Coriolis mass flow controllers for low flow liquid and gas regulation.

The mini CORI-FLOW Ex d Series is a HazLoc rated compact flow meter specially designed for use in hazardous areas. These Coriolis mass flow meters are built in an explosion proof housing for use in IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas with ATEX approval II 2 G Ex d e IIB T6 Gb.

We offer numerous styles of thermal mass flow meters and controllers for low flow liquids or gases including both standard and built-to-order instrumentation. Our thermal flow instrumentation ranges from compact, multipurpose meters that can be applied in research and analytical laboratories to industrial flow instrumentation with hazardous area ratings. Our thermal flow instrumentation for gas flows can handle ranges from 5 mg/h to 1 kg/h.

Our thermal mass flow meters and controllers use the actual measured temperature (and pressure if applicable) for the real-time on-board calculation of the fluid or gas properties. For this reason, some of our thermal mass flow meters and controllers have a database embedded in the instrument (“Fluidat-On-Board”).

For higher flow rates, we also offer industrial style flow meters and controllers. These flow instruments still rely on thermal mass flow measuring principles and come in a wide range of styles to suit low or high flow rates in addition to offering hazardous area ratings.

The FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series is an all-in-one compact sub-system offering: mass flow measurement or control, pressure measurement or control, a shut-off valve, and mixing chamber. It’s designed with a plug-and-play assembly to ensure space efficiency, cost reduction, and a minimum of potential leak points.


Bronkhorst’s IQ+FLOW Series features a flow meter and controller with footprint ultra compact dimensions of just 0.75 inches that handles low flow ranges between 0.2-10 mln/min and 0.1-5 ln/min N2-equivalent at operating pressures from vacuum to 10 bar(g) and includes a pressure control model.


The EX-FLOW Series offers rugged thermal mass flow meters that are suitable for gas flow applications in hazardous areas. The intrinsically safe measuring head is approved under EC-Type protection II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4 Gb. The housing is to IP65 classification. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted.


IN-FLOW Series thermal mass flow meters and controllers are thermal, bypass-type mass flow meters of modular construction with an industrial style pc-board housing. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted to measure and control gas flows. Optional hazardous area ratings are available.

LIQUI-VIEW Base flow meters offer a cost-effective solution for monitoring the flow or consumption of cleansing water, cooling water, or spa water. Thanks to its IP65 protection rating and the compact and lightweight sensor body, these flow meters are an ideal choice for many industrial applications. This series can handle flow ranges from 0.5 l/min to 150 l/min.

MAG-VIEW Series low flow magnetic inductive flow meters are compact and high quality yet economic devices used to measure conductive liquid flows. Also called electromagnetic flow meters, or simply magmeters, this flow measurement technology is ideal for applications where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied. It is suitable for flow rates from 8.3 ml/min to 250 l/min. For higher flow rates, ask us about our industrial magmeters.

With interference free operation, combined with a long-life cycle and independence to the inlet and outlet pipework, the MAG-VIEW Series is a perfect solution for compact machines and installations. These flow meters can be used for continuous measurement or for batching and dosing applications.

Bronkhorst manufactures a wide variety of liquid flow sensors that rely on either mass or volume to measure flow. Mass flow includes Coriolis flow and thermal mass flow instrumentation which are ideal for flow ranges as high as 600 kg/h to as low as 5 mg/h. Our ultrasonic flow instrumentation can handle flows from 2 ml/min to 1,500 ml/min. And our volumetric flow instrumentation based on  electromagnetic flow (mag meter) or vortex flow technology is suitable for flow ranges from 2 ml/min to 250 l/min.

Many of our liquid flow instrumentation can be outfitted with liquid flow filters, a modular concept, whereby they can be equipped with different fluid connectors and filter cartridges to prevent blockage and decrease inaccuracy.

Liquid flow meter can be integrated into new or existing dosing systems to improve the accuracy of the dosing pump. Flow meters can verify the amount of liquid passing through the pump and the flow controller can correct any discrepancies that may occur during the dosing process.

This improved system design helps ensure consistent dosing for batch or continuous processes and provides valuable feedback data that otherwise would not be obtained. For industrial liquid dosing systems, contact us for more information. Learn more from our articles below:

The Controlled Evaporation Mixer, or CEM is a temperature controlled mixing and evaporation device for generating vapor flows. It is a critical component of a Controlled Evaporation System, along with a (thermal or Coriolis) liquid flow controller and a gas mass flow controller for carrier gas. The system is suitable for mixing liquid flows of 1-1200 g/h resulting in saturated vapor flows of 50 mln/min up to 100 ln/min.

This vaporizer is designed for generating vapor flows, can handle low pressure, and is a great alternative to traditional bubbler evaporators. It offers improved accuracy, repeatability, efficient vapor delivery, analytical tracking, and can instantaneously provide vapor of a mixture of liquids with different vapor pressures. Learn more from our articles below:

The Controlled Evaporation System from Process Solutions Corp. uses flow meters and controllers along with a CEM vaporizer to atomize a liquid, which is then mixed with a carrier gas, heated, and transformed into vapor phase. The vapor can then be used for precise, low flow vapor delivery.

This packaged solution contains a preprogrammed HMI controller that offers plug-and-play vapor generation and control. The CES package includes:

  • CEM mixer, chamber, valve
  • heat exchanger
  • control valve
  • liquid flow meter with controller
  • gas flow meter with controller
  • control unit with GUI readout
  • temperature sensors and controller

The PSC 6194 by Process Solutions Corp. is a flow process controller featuring a color touch screen display to deliver a big picture into an overall small package. With its 4.3″ wide aspect screen and hidden soft key technology, you can use the entire screen to display and interact with up to 4 flow meters and controllers.

Standard Flow Control Features:

  • measured value
  • setpoint
  • fluid/tag number
  • alarm functions (min/max, response, counter)

The PSC6000 Operation Controller plugs you into the best conversation as silent as Modbus and allows you to modify as many preprogrammed parameters as you need, without the cumbersome hardware or additional software downloads.

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